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Hook Remover Additional Models hr260l-th & hr250m-th

Many anglers must have had a scary experience when removing a hook from a fish they have caught, as it might get stuck in their hand or other parts of their body. Of course, the same goes for captains who remove hooks from fish caught by their clients. Studio Ocean Mark has developed the "Hook Remover" for such people. A new model of hook remover is now available that is safer and easier to use for general anglers.

Studio Ocean Mark<br>Hook Remover Additional Models hr260l-th & hr250m-th

Specialized pliers, not pliers, are needed!

Before the introduction of hook removers, many anglers used pliers to remove hooks from hooked fish. However, pliers were tools for pinching, and the twisting after grabbing the hook when removing it could quickly cause opening and closing problems, depending on the item. We heard many such comments, especially from captains who frequently remove hooks from fish. Therefore, Studio Ocean Mark was launched. They set out to develop a device to remove the hook. The first generation Hook Remover 180L and 150M models were born.

The hook removers were immediately well received by captains and anglers everywhere. Some even told Studio Ocean Mark that they could no longer imagine themselves without the Hook Remover. It has become an especially useful item for those who handle large fish or those who handle fish that are violent after being raised on board. It also allows anglers who intend to release smaller fish to do so without unnecessarily touching the fish. It was also highly appreciated by such anglers.

Evolution of the hook remover!

Since then, Studio Ocean Mark has increased the number of items in this hook remover lineup. The HR130S, ideal for super light jigging, tilefish, and shore casting; the long-bodied HR230S, ideal for jigging for hairtail jigging and other sharp-toothed fish; and the HR165S, designed for use in sea bass plucking, were all introduced. In addition, the company introduced items such as the reinforced models HR250L-PRO, HR260M-PRO, HR550L-PRO, HR230S-PRO, and HR165S-PRO for captains whose tools are usually exposed to salt water and who use hook removers more frequently. However, although these models are very sturdy, they are slightly heavier than non-PRO models. Therefore, we have now introduced the HR260L-TH & HR250M-TH, which are characterized as “lightweight” while maintaining their strength.

The photo shows HR550L-PRO, L type, but its strong performance is also useful for tuna game. Large fish and fish with sharp leaves can be dangerous when removing hooks. Thanks to the hook remover, they can be released safely and gently to the fish.

A model specifically designed for individual users

Now, the “HR260L-TH” & “HR250M-TH,” first of all, like the PRO model, feature a length that allows safer use. Furthermore, like the PRO model, the hooks of the new models are made of reinforced stainless steel, which keeps a firm grip on the fish and prevents damage even if the fish gets out of control when the hook is removed. The difference from the PRO model is the use of lightweight aluminum for the body part. As a result, the weight of the HR250L-PRO has been reduced from 210g to 155g, and the HR260M-PRO from 275g to 205g. These specifications are more user-friendly for ordinary users. The trigger portion uses the same size trigger and handle as the PRO model. This provides high operability and strength.

It is too late to get your hand injured when removing the hook. If the hook is not properly inserted, it may cause damage to nerves and other parts of the body. We encourage you to consider purchasing this product.

As with the PRO model, the hook section is made of reinforced stainless steel. It grips the hook firmly, and even if the fish goes wild, the strong hook can handle it without trouble.

The trigger part has the same size trigger and handle design as the PRO model. It is easy to use and can be gripped firmly.

Both the HR250M-TH and HR260L-TH are available in three colors: royal blue, shot black, and wine red. Select the color that matches your daily wear.

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