Targeting Large Migratory Fish

Isn’t it time to get ready for this season’s migration? Tenryu Casting Rod Spike Latest Models Big Tuna Model & Inshore Big Game Model

Tenryu's offshore casting rod series, Spike, has been in the lineup for a long time and has continued to evolve with the times. Two new models have been added to the Spike lineup for the 2024 model year. Tenryu, a blank manufacturer, is proud to introduce these models, which are packed with its own manufacturing technology for the purpose of catching large migratory fish.

Isn’t it time to get ready for this season’s migration? Tenryu Casting Rod Spike Latest Models Big Tuna Model & Inshore Big Game Model

SKH782S-XX” model for fishing against tuna with PE No. 10-12

Spike has two models: the normal Spike, which targets everything from light casting games to large fish in coastal waters, and the expert series Spike XPG, which pursues performance by focusing exclusively on large fish for casting. The most powerful model of both will be released in 2024.

Let us start with the Spike XPG. Up until now, the Spike XPG lineup has included the SKX832-H, which is suitable for using 130g plugs with a lower limit of 50-60g with a PE size of 6-8 for tuna, and the SKH832S-HH, which is compatible with plugs up to 150g with a lower limit of 60-70g with a PE size of 8-10 for tuna. However, this was not enough to satisfy the recent Japanese market. However, this model alone cannot handle the large bluefin tuna that have been making noise in the Sea of Japan in recent years, so in 2024 the SKH782S-XX with even more power will be completed and released. And it will be released around this summer.

This strongest model is designed to easily handle plugs from about 100g to 230g with PE No. 10-12. The length is slightly shorter than previous models to emphasize casting performance, and the action is designed to catch large fish, reducing the burden on the angler when fighting a hit, Assist grip is adopted to support anglers fighting for a long time.

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SK822S-H, the most powerful model of the original Spike

The original Spike lineup is designed with inshore waters in mind, and features a wide range of lineups from dolphinfish games to tuna systems. Models ranging from the lightest 20-40g plugs that are easy to handle to models for tuna and sunfish have been released, and the “SK822S-H” model will be introduced in the spring of 2024.

The SK802 S-MHH is a light tuna model, and the SK742S-MHH is an underhand cast model for tuna. The SK822S-MH is suitable for a wide range of bluefish games. The new SK822S-H model can handle tuna weighing up to 40 kg, and is suitable for targeting large sunfish. With a length of 8 feet 2 inches, it is suitable for long casts with overhead casts, and is designed to easily handle plugs up to 120 grams with a lower limit of 50-60 grams. The regular fast taper allows the angler to cast plugs long distances with little effort.

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Multi-piece models for large targets are also available

Spike also has another lineup, although not new for 2024, the three-piece “Spike Travel” model, which is convenient for carrying on air or train travel.

These are the SK803S-MH, SK803S-H, and SK803S-HH models: the SK803S-MH is an easy-to-handle plug model weighing up to 100 g, suitable for light GT, yellowtail, and sunfish; the SK803S-H is suitable for targeting large fish on domestic expeditions, with a diving Easy to handle pencil and low resistance poppers for GT and sunfish. SK803S-HH, the most powerful model, can handle large pencils and poppers weighing up to 200g, and can be used for GTs in shallow areas for a forceful fight. It is also suitable for large sunfish and tuna game.

Detailed page on the manufacturer’s website

The blanks of all models are made of Tenryu’s trusted carbon nanotube material “C-N-T”. For other details such as guides and grips, please check the respective pages of Spike. The tuna, sunfish, and GT seasons will open in the spring. We are very close to the opening of the season. If you don’t start preparing until after the season starts, you may find yourself out of stock. We want to decide what we are going to challenge this year and choose the best rod for the challenge from now on.

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