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The Slammer IV was created for catching big fish offshore. Now available in a DX model with even more robustness!

The Slammer series is popular among PENN REEL's spinning reels. Equipped with a robust body and a dependable drag, the Slammer IV is now in its fourth generation and has never stopped evolving. This model is popular among anglers around the world. The deluxe model "DX" has appeared in the Slammer IV series. Let us introduce its performance.

The Slammer IV was created for catching big fish offshore. Now available in a DX model with even more robustness!

From the reliable Slammer IV to the DX

The Slammer IV is equipped with a high-performance drag called the Slammer Drag to catch large fish such as sunfish, kampachi, yellowtail, GT, and tuna in offshore games, and is also equipped with water-repellent line roller bearings and lightweight rotors to make it light and comfortable to wind. The Slammer IV has been used by anglers around the world to catch trophy-size fish, and expert angler Kei Hiramatsu, who has a professional contract with PENN REEL in Japan, has been using this reel for a long time. He has continued to use this reel because of its ease of use, strength, and stability. What has evolved in the DX along with the performance of the Slammer IV?

Kei Hiramatsu, a PENN REEL contract pro who has used the Slammer III and Slammer IV to date. He says that they are easy to use, there is no concern about strength, and the drag release is stable.

Stronger with the DX model!

The first major evolution of performance in the DX model is the use of stainless steel main gear and pinion gear. The conventional Slammer IV had a brass main gear and pinion gear. The new model, like its predecessors, uses CNC Gear™ made with state-of-the-art computer control and precision machining equipment, but the stainless steel material provides smoother rotation and durability to withstand powerful interactions with large fish.

When using the Slammer IV, Mr. Hiramatsu commented, “I dared to use it for a long time without maintenance, but it did not cause any problems easily,” but now that it has evolved further, the model is even more reliable and can continue to be used with peace of mind.

Both the main gear and pinion gear have been changed from brass to stainless steel.

Also, the ball/roller bearings, which were equipped with 8/1, are now 9/1. The ball bearing inside the spool has been increased by one, so that the drag is now supported by two ball bearings. This is said to improve the smooth drag performance. Also, the DX model comes with a knob made of Hypalon material, which is said to be more comfortable to grip than the EVA material spare knob that was previously included with the DX model.

In addition to the normal knob made of aluminum, the DX model comes with a knob made of Hypalon, which is said to be more comfortable to grip. On the left is the round type for the 5500 size and larger, and on the right is the filler knob that comes with the 3500 and 4500 models.

Drag inherited from the conventional Slammer IV

Although the new model has been released as a DX model, some parts have not been changed from the previous Slammer IV. The performance of this model was briefly mentioned at the beginning of this article, but the fact that no changes have been made can be attributed to the fact that it already has sufficiently high performance and does not need to be changed.

The first part that I would like to pick up is the drag, which Mr. Hiramatsu also praises highly: Slammer Ⅳ is a shielded slammer drag. This drag has a double-disk drag structure. The pressure from the drag knob side and the washer on the bottom of the spool (DuraDrag), which has a larger area than that of the drag knob side, sandwich the spool and distribute the force when the drag is applied. This clamping mechanism was first adopted by Penn Reel in the world. In addition to such a structure, the Shielded Slammer Drag combines a heat-resistant carbon resin washer with the HT100 Drag Washer, which provides excellent drag performance, to ensure smooth and stable drag release and to disperse and reduce the frictional heat generated during rotation when the drag is applied. The structure also disperses and suppresses the frictional heat generated during rotation when the drag is activated. In addition, this drag is waterproof, and the DX model is equipped with two sealed ball bearings to maintain stable drag force and rotation.
The Shielded Slama Drag features not only a strong drag with thicker lines, but also high stability at lighter drag values when using thinner lines. When I am facing sunfish, I use a slightly lower drag value while adjusting to the behavior of the sunfish, rather than playing force-for-force. In such cases, drag slippage and stability are still important. The Shield Slama drag gives me a sense of security during such fights.

The Shield Slama drag is sandwiched between washers on the drag knob side and the skirt side of the spool (Dura Drag). By inserting a washer with a large area on the skirt side, heat is dispersed when the drag is activated. This also ensures smooth drag action and stable spool rotation.

Drag should be not only strong but also smooth and stable.

Sufficient waterproofing, improved rotation performance

The waterproof performance of reels is also a concern. In this regard, the reel is equipped with a waterproof rating of IPX, which is defined by international regulations as IPX6. This means that the reel can withstand water spray from all directions without malfunctioning, and can withstand 100 liters of water per minute from a distance of 2.5 to 3 meters. The line roller section also features a water-repellent bearing, which minimizes problems caused by tide gouging.

The waterproof rating of IPX6 prevents seawater from getting inside even when left on the boat’s deck. The line roller section also uses water-repellent ball bearings for peace of mind.

In addition, the newly designed and lightweight rotor in Slammer IV reduces the moment of inertia by 10%. In addition, the internal gear is now made of stainless steel in DX, which further improves the lightness of the winding feel. The lightness of the reeling feeling makes a big difference in the sense of fatigue when jigging or casting, in which the angler repeatedly jerks the rod throughout the day. The less tired you feel, the more you will be able to concentrate on your fishing.

Size lineup for both inshore and offshore fishing

The new DX model consists of a lineup from No. 3500 to No. 8500. In the previous Slammer IV, the 10500, 4500, and 6500 models had a lineup of high-gear models, but the DX model does not have these models, and the addition of the 7500 size, which was not available in the previous Slammer IV, has been introduced. This model shares the same body with the No. 8500, but is equipped with a spool with a line capacity of 300m for PE line No. 5. The lower size (No. 6500) has a line capacity of 300m for PE line No. 4, and the upper size (No. 8500) has a line capacity of 300m for PE line No. 8. The size 6500 and up is a manual bail.

The size over 6500 is manual bail return.

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