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PENN AUTHORITY 10500″ for large tuna and Left-Handled & Large Size “Fathom II 2Speed Series” additionally released!

PENN's flagship model "AUTHORITY" has been added to the "10500 size", the strongest model in the series with 300m winding PE No.12 for large tuna. Also, the lever drag reel "Fathom II 2Speed," which can switch between high and low gears with a single push of a button, now includes a left-handled model and a large right-hand model.

PENN AUTHORITY 10500″ for large tuna and Left-Handled & Large Size “Fathom II 2Speed Series” additionally released!

Flagship model “Authority 10500” capable of winding 300m of PE No.12

Pure Fishing, which handles leading overseas brands known to all anglers such as Abu Garcia, Berkley, Penn, and Hardy, has released the 10500 size of Penn’s “Authority,” which is compatible with large tuna.

What is noteworthy about this size is that it is compatible with large tuna and can reel 300m of PE No. 12. Penn’s spinning reels date back more than 30 years to the history of saltwater fishing in Japan. The company has been known for producing robust and durable reels ever since, starting with the “Spin Fisher” spinning reels that were trusted by anglers around the world at a time when there were no domestic reels that could be used properly for offshore lure fishing.
The flagship of Penn’s spinning reel lineup is the “Authority” series. This series is equipped with a full metal body and a large-diameter main gear and pinion gear made of precision machine-cut stainless steel. The slammer drag system with large-diameter dura-drag washers, Penn’s proprietary carbon drag, is waterproof to IPX-8 international standards, and is equipped with flawless performance. It is a world-standard spinning reel for large fish.

IPX is the code for waterproofing defined by international standards, and IPX8 is the highest level among the eight levels of waterproofing performance. IPX8 is the highest of the eight levels of waterproof performance, which means that the reel will not be flooded by splashing waves or even by turning the handle under water.

Equipped with DuraDrag, a large-diameter carbon washer that has been brushed up after facing large fish from all over the world. The waterproof drag section always maintains stable drag force and boasts excellent heat resistance and durability.

CNC Gear™ made by state-of-the-art computer control and precision machining equipment. The material used for both the main gear and pinion gear is stainless steel. It provides excellent durability and smooth rotation.

Water-repellent bearings are used for the line roller hole bearings. This reduces the salt gouge phenomenon that causes metal fatigue.


Good news for anglers who have been looking for a left-hand handle for jigging

The Fathom II 2-Speed, which is extremely popular among jigging anglers, is now available in four additional sizes: 15XNLD2 LH, 25NLD2 LH, 30LD2 LH, and 40NLD2 LH, all left-hand models.

Left-handled bait reels compatible with jigging, especially with lever drag, are rare. However, in recent years, there are many people who are accustomed to left-hand winding for other types of fishing, and many of them must have asked “Why isn’t there a left-hand winding model in the lineup? Why is there no lineup of left-handled lures? After all, some anglers prefer to use their dominant right hand for the delicate rod action of shakuri (shaking the rod) and for the action of setting up the rod. Of course, if the reel is not powerful enough, the angler must use his dominant hand to wind the handle, or else he will have a “tough” fight when a big fish is hooked. However, with the Fathom II 2-Speed reel equipped with two-speed gears, reeling in a large fish with the left hand is a breeze. As a reel capable of power fighting with lever drag, “Fathom II 2Speed” has been attracting more and more attention in deep-sea tuna game, large tuna, and mid to deep-sea fishing. This is definitely good news for anglers who have been looking for a left-hand drive for this reel.

The 40NLD2 has a line capacity of 415m for jigging and swimming for large tuna, and the 60NLD2 has a line capacity of 500m for No. 10 line, and the 80LD2 has a line capacity of 650m for No. 10 line. These are also items of interest.

The push button allows quick shifting from high gear to low gear. When jigging, the angler can use the high gear to lure fish and switch to the low gear when more power is needed during a fight. When shifting from low gear to high gear again, the black push button can be pressed for a quick change.

In general lever drag reels, the drag strength and strike zone were adjusted by rotating the preset knob while pressing it. This sometimes caused anglers to accidentally push the knob during a fight, but the new system adjusts the knob by pulling it instead of pushing it. This system prevents malfunctions.

The DuraDrag washer was developed based on the carbon washers used in car transmissions. It has passed drag stability, heat resistance, and abrasion resistance even in a severe drag test of 100 hours in a row. In straight fights, where the load is applied directly to the reel and the rod is fought without bending, the lever drag allows the angler to fine-tune the drag to match the pull of the fish.

The die-cast one-piece full-metal body enables powerful reeling without distortion.

Stainless steel is used as the material for both the main gear and pinion gear. They have excellent corrosion resistance and provide durability and smooth rotation.

FathomⅡ 2Speed

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