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Jigging for Red Seabass in the Middle and Deep Sea
Tackle selection by expert angler Yasuo Nishimoto

An article by Yasuo Nishimoto on his actual fishing coverage of red crucian carp jigging in Hiragata, his techniques, and some of the tackle he uses, "Capturing them with the Blue Safari 35! Slow Pitch Jerking for Red Seabass, a super high-end fish in the mid to deep sea" was published a while ago, and this article summarizes some of the details of the tackle that were not fully explained in that article. We hope you will find it useful when jigging for red crucian carp.

Jigging for Red Seabass in the Middle and Deep Sea<br>Tackle selection by expert angler Yasuo Nishimoto

The main reel is the Blue Safari 35.

In order to catch more red crucian carp by jigging, you need tackle that is sensitive enough to allow you to move the jig as you wish at a depth of about 200 meters and to grasp the bite. In addition, it is also important to select tackle that will minimize the risk of splashing in order to ensure that the red mullet that has just hit the boat is brought in for a landing. One of the tackle I would like to recommend is the Blue Safari 35 reel by Studio Ocean Mark. As mentioned in the previous article, this reel is small in size, but has the optimum performance for jigging for red crucian carp in mid- to deep-sea.

Blue Safari 35 is a reel with a level winder. First of all, a reel with a level winder allows anglers to reel in the line without worrying about the line getting uneven when reeling in, making the reel easy to handle even for beginners and allowing anglers to concentrate on reeling in the line. When it comes to mid- to deep-sea jigging, many people choose reels without a level winder because of the amount of line wound and the power required to wind the line, but the Blue Safari 35 has sufficient line capacity for targeting red mullet at depths of around 200m, and can handle jigs weighing up to 250g. The Blue Safari 35 has sufficient line capacity for targeting red mullet at depths of around 200m. The normal spool has a line capacity of 600 m (No. 1) and 500 m (No. 1.2), and a spare spool with a 600 m (No. 2) capacity is also available, which is ideal for targeting larger targets than red crucian carp.

Mr. Nishimoto, who explained the Blue Heaven 30 to us during an actual fishing session, gave his assurance, “When using heavy jigs weighing 250 g or more, I use the Blue Heaven 30, but for jigs weighing less than that, the Blue Safari is sufficient. Its reeling power is equipped with sufficient power thanks to the aluminum machine-cut gear box and frame, as well as the rigid bait reel Blue Heaven’s high-modular gear that Studio Ocean Mark has continued to develop over the years. The rigidity of the body and the strong gears can handle the load from the drag and heavy jig operation. The lineup includes both high gear and power gear, but the strong gears and reeling power make it possible to use even high gear without difficulty in mid to deep water. The power gear is used for more detailed and persistent fishing. Nishimoto says he uses power gears when he needs to probe more finely and thoroughly, and uses higher gears when he needs to reel in more.

The rigidity of the body, strong gearing, and powerful reeling power make the Blue Safari 35 an excellent choice for mid- to deep-sea jigging, and it can easily handle jigs weighing up to 250g. It can be used not only for mid- to deep-sea jigging, but also for jigging for bluefish.

Drag System to Reduce the Risk of Disjointedness

The main reason why the Blue Heaven 35 is the best reel for jigging for red crucian carp is the new “wing drag” system. This drag system, which is a unique feature of this reel, enables drag operation of approximately 400-500g by moving the wing one click. Star drags on smaller reels are difficult to operate while interacting with fish. Therefore, the Blue Safari 35 has a structure that allows the angler to adjust the initial drag value with the preset knob and then operate the drag in four stages with the winged drag. The use of this wing drag varies depending on the position on the wing at which the drag initial setting is made. If the initial drag setting is made at the very front, the drag force increases as the wing is moved backward. If the drag setting is set in the middle, the drag can be operated in two steps up to MIN and two steps up to MAX. And if the drag is set at the far end, the drag force is reduced each time the wing is moved back toward the front. When jigging for akamutsu, anglers want to prevent mouth breakage during the fight. Therefore, Mr. Nishimoto sets the drag to 1.5 kg at the maximum position; with 1.5 kg, even if the boat is moving up and down with waves, the line will not come out even if the jig is being sucked up. When a fish strikes, the wing is moved back to the front and the drag is loosened to fight the fish. This prevents the mouth from being cut by the pull of the red crucian carp during the fight, or when resistance is increased by the ups and downs of the waves.

Studio Ocean Mark has been thoroughly researching lever drags for its Blue Heaven series. The Blue Safari 35 is a reel that combines the precision and dependability of the lever drag with the elements of the star drag.

Winged drag for quick drag adjustment. If you are targeting redfish, use a weaker drag to prevent mouth breakage. If you are using it for bluefish, set the wing drag at the center of the drag setting and adjust it stronger or weaker depending on the pull of the fish.

The preset knob sets the initial drag value for the drag. If the wing drag is moved one click forward from its default setting, the drag value will be lowered by 400-500 g. If it is moved backward, the drag value will be lowered by 400-500 g. If it is moved backward, the drag value is increased by 400-500g. There are four levels of wing drag. The use of the wing drag changes depending on the position at which the initial drag value is set.

Other outstanding features of Blue Safari 35

In addition to the aforementioned, the Blue Safari 35 has other features that make it ideal for jigging for red crucian carp. One of them is the ease of changing spools. In mid- to deep-sea jigging, the spool may occasionally break when dealing with a root snag. In such cases, a spare spool can be prepared to deal with the situation immediately. To replace the spool, simply loosen one screw, and the perming cup can be easily removed for quick spool replacement.

Simply loosen the screw in the red circle to remove the perming cup and replace the spool.

In addition, it is worth noting that the level winder is a two-speed design with different speeds when moving to the right and to the left. This is a feature to eliminate line biting under high loads by repeating dense vertical winding and diagonal winding back and forth. This reduces problems caused by line biting during drag-enhanced fights and falls.

No line biting due to the two-speed specification with different left and right movements of the level winder. Smooth fall at any time. When dealing with big fish such as bluefish, there is no line bite breakage during the fight.

There is also a reason for the wide horizontal spool. This is to reduce line loss on the spool when the line is released. This reduced line loss allows for a smaller change in the amount of line wound in a single revolution of the handle, and thus enables the jig action to be more in line with the user’s image. In addition, the drag value is less likely to change due to spool thinning.

The drag portion is a combination of carbon drag washers and stainless steel drag discs, and the drag disc into which the drag washers are inserted is made of waterproof rubber to prevent water from entering. These features ensure a smooth initial movement and stable drag force at all times.

Drag configuration for smooth drag. This allows anglers to fight fish with peace of mind.

Product Information: Studio Ocean Mark Blue Safari 35

Highly Sensitive Rod and Line, One Hook Choice

Now, regarding other tackle, first of all, a highly sensitive rod is an absolute requirement for red crucian carp jigging. The rod Nishimoto selected for this fishing trip was Garage Nagi’s Cross Border #0, the lightest model in the Cross Border line, which is developed for use on fishing expeditions. It is the lightest model among them. In addition, a test model of Kojanto’s #2 66 length for red crucian carp was also used this time. We are looking forward to the release of this model.

Nishimoto-san’s line this time was Super Fire line #1.2, tied with a #4 fluorocarbon leader. In order to catch the smallest of bites at depths of 200 m, a line with minimal stretch is necessary for akamutsu jigging, and although PE line is characterized by minimal stretch, the four- or eight-strand weave creates gaps in the weave, and the shrinkage of these gaps can cause stretch. However, Super Fire Line has less elongation due to the line’s special coating. This low elongation is the reason why Mr. Nishimoto selects this line.

In addition, when targeting red crucian carp, two hooks should be attached to the front and two to the rear, considering the rate of hooking, but Mr. Nishimoto’s experience has led him to choose the Owner Bari Hold 3/0 hook. He brings in his own original hooks made in different lengths so that they are in the best position according to the size of the jig.

Jigs used for red crucian carp jigging out of Hiraigata this time are 200-250g. In order to find hit patterns, he brings in a variety of jigs with different performance. Mr. Nishimoto uses the owner’s hold hooks when targeting red crucian carp.

As with any type of fishing, solid preparation is necessary to catch more fish and to catch them more reliably. Slow pitch jerk jigging for red crucian carp has become more accessible, but differences in equipment and technique often divide the results. We hope that anglers will carefully assess what kind of equipment is best for jigging and prepare themselves for the challenge. If you succeed in catching a red crucian carp, you will be satisfied with your catch and be able to enjoy the taste of this super quality fish.


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