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Practical life jacket specialized for fishing! Inflatable Waist SP & Accessories

As offshore anglers know, it is an absolute requirement that life jackets (hereafter referred to as "life jackets") worn on board be Type A (usable in all navigation areas on pleasure boats and pleasure craft), a type approved product by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (commonly known as Sakura Marked). There are a number of rider jackets that meet this requirement. However, mazume's unique feature is that we consider "fishing" first and foremost, not just the functionality of the laijacke. If you are serious about offshore fishing, why don't you consider using a fishing-type ryjake?

Practical life jacket specialized for fishing! Inflatable Waist SP & Accessories

What are the benefits of the Super Hard Belt?

Mazume’s corporate philosophy is to “contribute to fishing success through wear,” and one of the items that embodies this philosophy is the inflatable waist SP. One of the items that embodies this philosophy is the Inflatable Waist SP, which can be called the best practical lie-jacket. The original purpose of an inflatable waist is as a lifesaving device that floats in the event of a fall into the water. However, it is useful to have an additional element for fishing as a basic performance. This model uses a super-hard “Heta-Ranai Belt.
The Hetalanai Belt was originally developed by mazume, and is several times stronger and harder than a standard rijakke belt. Soft or thin belts can curl up and dig into the stomach after prolonged use, causing pain. With the Hetalanai belt, this is not the case. In addition, the belt maintains its shape and is comfortable to wear even when attached to tool cases, waist pouches, and fighting gear, such as pliers and hook removers, which offshore anglers want to wear. It is a rider’s jacket that can be customized by the angler.

Equipped with a Halkirobert cutting device, it is approximately 5 cm thick and thin

Mazume’s lie jackets are made with “fishing” in mind, but of course they are also of high quality as lifesaving equipment, and the products used by the company are made by Halkirovert, which is recognized by UL, the world’s most stringent safety standard.

The Inflatable Waist SP is the flagship model of mazume’s line of life jackets, but the difference between the Inflatable Waist SP and the Inflatable Waist II, a lower-priced version released by the company, is the thinness of the body. The thinness allows the user to walk along the boat slips without worrying about the main body getting caught when walking on the side.

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mazume Inflatable Waist SP

Best match with mazume Fighting Pad III!

The Fighting Pad III is a must-have item for the Hetalanai belt, as it can be left on the belt at all times while fishing and does not get in the way, making it useful when there is a possibility of an unexpectedly large fish being caught (for example, a 10kg yellowtail at a depth of 100m). It is useful when there is a possibility of catching an unexpectedly large fish. Although this may sound like simple fighting gear, the Fighting Pad III is now in its third generation and has been repeatedly field-tested to a high degree of perfection, to the point where you can actually say, “This will work! It is actually at the level of “I can go with this! It is a great tool for expeditions where luggage is limited, as it eliminates the need to carry a heavy-duty gimbal.

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mazume Fighting Pad III


Another item recommended for use with the hetaranai belt is the mazume waist pouch (for attaching inflatable life jackets), which will be released in May. This waterproof pouch is made of tarpaulin and is sized to hold an iPhone ProMAX. We want to take pictures of the fish we catch with our cell phones, but they are in the bucket or in the boat cabin, and we may not be able to take a picture quickly at the right moment when we want to take a picture. Also, even after catching a fish, if the fish is intended to be released, you want to quickly let it go. Even in such situations, if you wear a cell phone around your waist, you can quickly respond to the situation. In summer, for example, thin clothing limits the number of places you can put your cell phone and keep it dry, but with this waist pouch, you can rest assured that it is safe. It comes in five colors with different letter colors.

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mazume waist pouch (for inflatable life jacket attachment)

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