One-touch replacement of spools. Tailwalk's Vilayer DG with large LCD display.

Truly necessary functions with a higher grade of ease of use. Digital counter reel

The key to success in tilefishing, light jigging, and squid metal fishing is to accurately attack the range! Cast the lure where the fish finder shows a reaction. Without this, fishing will not begin! Reels with digital counters make range fishing easy even for beginners. The Velayer DG tends to attract attention for its high cost performance, but in fact, it is an honor student equipped with functions that anglers really feel are necessary at a higher level.

Truly necessary functions with a higher grade of ease of use. Digital counter reel

The spool can be instantly changed by opening and closing the side cover.

The Vilayer DG’s function is so delightful that it makes you say, “This is so convenient! One of the features of the Velayer DG that makes me happy is the one-touch spool change. Many bait reels with digital functions do not allow one-touch spool replacement. When you are fishing and want to use a one-rank thinner PE line, or when you run out of hawser and the remaining line is low, the Vilayer DG can quickly respond to your needs. Furthermore, it is possible to save two types of line input settings. This means that if a spool with a line of a different thickness or length is replaced on board, it is only a matter of changing the data. The price for a replacement spool is 4,000 yen (tax not included), which is very reasonable.

Depth at a glance

The digital display on the VILLAYER DG is simple, with no unnecessary numbers or data, and features a large display that allows anglers to see at a glance what they need most: the depth of the water. It is easy to read. In addition, the green LED backlight can be turned on during times when the normal display is difficult to read, such as morning midsummer or night fishing.

In addition, if the depth data is incorrect due to a loss of a hawk, the correction function can be used to instantly correct the data. In addition, there is an alarm function to prevent over-shaking the jig when it reaches the boat’s edge and over-reeling when taking in a fish.

Equipped with a drag sound system

When fishing with light lines and targeting fish that tend to rush into the water after being hooked, the performance of the drag is a must. VILLAYER DG has a drag setting range of 500 to 1500g, which is the most commonly used drag setting in light game fishing. When the line is pulled out, a clicking sound lets the angler know how strong or weak the fish is pulling, allowing the angler to fight without panicking.

The batteries can be easily replaced by removing the plate on the side cover. The battery used is a CR2032.

Normally, the clutch is returned by turning the handle, but a flipping mode is also provided in which the thumb bar clutch returns the moment the fingers are released. In fall fishing, the angler can actively hook the fish without missing a momentary bite. This mode is “absolutely necessary! This is the mode that the best light jigging fall fishing anglers have been saying, “You must have it!

The double-handle model is 120 mm long. The single power handle model is 70 mm long and has a large 36 mm EVA round knob. Depending on the fishing style, you can choose between double-handled (6.6:1 right- or left-handled; 7.3:1 right- or left-handled available) and single-handled (7.3:1 right- or left-handled available) models.

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