A 6'4" model is now available for a wider range of action!

From Super Light Model NEW models for mid to deep water 6 new models released!

Tenryu continues to focus on creating high-quality products that stimulate the delicate sensibilities of the Japanese people, something that is possible only with domestic production. Saltwater fishing has developed rapidly in Japan because the country is surrounded by the sea on all sides, and among these, light jigging has become popular in recent years. Tenryu has been a domestic rod manufacturer for half a century. Tenryu, which is committed to domestic production, has released the "Horizon MJ" series for this type of fishing. Let's take a deeper look at what kind of model it is.

From Super Light Model NEW models for mid to deep water 6 new models released!

Horizon MJ, a standard series of light jigging model

The Horizon MJ series is the standard series of light jigging rods in Tenryu’s offshore jigging rod lineup. It is a high-spec model that can handle a wide range of fishing styles, from high pitch to slow fishing, and can also follow the technical rod handling required by expert anglers. Six new models were added to this series in early summer of 2024.
The blanks are made of a composite of C-N-T (Carbon Nano Tube), a cutting-edge ultra-fine material, carbon fiber, and glass fiber. The new models are characterized by not only power but also tenacity, and can be used not only for slow jerking but also for high pitch jerking.

C-N-T (Carbon Nano Tube) explanation page

There is even a model that supports slow jerking of 450g jigs

The new lineup includes six models. All are 6′ 4″ in length and grip-jointed, so they have a finishing dimension of 148 cm, shorter than the 178 cm of the existing 5′ 10″ model.
The action ranges from the LL model for super light jigging to the L, ML, M, MH, and H models, with the M and MH models being suitable for mid- to deep-sea jigging. The H model, which has the most power, can be used for jigging for albacore tuna, which have been the focus of much attention in recent years.

The H model is the most powerful model, and can be used for dragonfly jigging, which has been the focus of much attention in recent years.

Guide diameter increased in size. Reel Seats that Feel Japanese Tradition and Inherit the Culture

The main difference between this model and the existing model is not only the length, but also the increased guide diameter of the Fuji SiC ring K-guide. This allows the lure to be used with thicker line, and the guides are more comfortable to pull the line out of the lure and to remove knots.

The reel seat, which anglers hold in their hands, is made of carbon pipe with “Nishijin-ori” specifications. The rod is the result of the fusion of a traditional technique with the latest technology, a technique with a history of over 500 years that originated in the Nishijin district of Kyoto.
The rods are woven by members of the Nishijin Textile Industrial Association, and are so strictly controlled that only approved products can call themselves “Nishijin Textile”.

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