Jackal's Uniquely Designed Tail Lobster Hook

Ranbu for big sea bream Musou for quick hooking

Fishing masters say, "The closer the fishing equipment is to the fish's mouth, the more carefully it should be chosen. No matter how good the rod is, if the hooks are no good, it is impossible to hook a fish. The better anglers are at fishing, the more they check hooks and change the type of hooks according to the situation. Therefore, Jackal released a tie-laba hook originally designed by the company for better hooking. As a result of repeated tests, two types of hooks, "Ranbu" and "Musou," were completed. Let us explore the features of each.

Ranbu for big sea bream Musou for quick hooking

Reduces rubbing when subjected to the powerful swings of large sea bream

Two types of bimble hooks have been released, one of which is the “Ranbu” type, which is targeted at giant sea breams and has a royal shape. The “royal road” shape is classified as an Ise nun type, and is based on this, with a curved point and long throat design to catch the lip of the sea bream and penetrate deep into it. The edge of the bend curve holds the hook firmly even when it is subjected to the strong swinging of a giant sea bream.

The hook is designed for big sea bream, with a thick shaft and micro barb design for high penetration, and designed to penetrate deeper with less force than the usual Ise-ni-type hooks.

A model well-trained in the tough conditions of Osaka Bay

If Ranbu is the king of tie-laba hooks, Musou hooks everything it touches! Musou is a model that boasts outstanding contact performance. Field tests were conducted in Osaka Bay, and the company says that it was created with the aim of creating a hook that would hook fish in field conditions where there are many slack fish, and where the difference in hooks can make the difference between success and failure. The hook has a straight point for better contact performance. Even in tough conditions, when the snapper will not use their mouths, if they come close enough and touch the hook tip, they will be hooked! This is a super-aggressive type of hook.

Like the Ranbu, Musou is also designed with micro barbs, making it a hook with high penetration performance.

Both Ranbu and Musou hooks penetrate deeply with little force.

The secret of both Ranbu and Musou’s ability to penetrate deeply with little force lies in the loose taper of the needle tip. In addition, a surface treatment called “PTFE Armor” is applied to achieve low friction. In addition, a steel material called “PRO SPEC METAL” is used, which is thin, hard, unbreakable, and distortion-resistant. This is a material blended specifically for fishing hooks.

Last but not least, Ranbu comes with the “Binbin Hook Ranbu Assist Plus” set with a piece of twine. The Musou lineup also includes the “Bing Bing Hook Musou Assist Plus,” which comes with a halyard, and the “Bing Bing Hook and Necktie Hook Set,” which comes with a halyard and necktie. Those who do not make tie rub hooks should try these.


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