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This is convenient! Compact lure storage gear RF Multi Container

Ripple Fisher is known among offshore anglers as a big game rod brand. The brand has an established reputation for rods that can be used with confidence, not only for the quality of their materials, but also for their ease of use. Among the gear released by Ripple Fisher, the RF Multi Container M/L, which is convenient for storing big game lures, caught our attention.

This is convenient! Compact lure storage gear RF Multi Container

Simple and sophisticated form is ripple-like

In offshore fishing, there are many situations where large plugs are selected in order to target targets feeding on large baits. Among offshore anglers, some Ripple Fisher fans, who especially like big game, enjoy targeting big fish with big plugs. The RF Multi Container is a big lure storage gear that can satisfy such anglers. It is available in two sizes, with the medium size measuring 260 mm (W) by 100 mm (H) by 100 mm (W x H x H). It can hold lures up to 240mm class. The L size is 360mm in width, 120mm in length, and 120mm in height. It can hold lures up to 350mm class. The simple and elegant form based on black color will be accepted by adult anglers.

Two sizes are available, M and L, for lures up to 240 mm class and 350 mm class, respectively.

Slash-cut zipper allows for a large spread.

The RF Multi Container is designed to be easy to store big size lures and yet easy to take out because the entire case expands wide. The slash fastener can be closed to make the case more compact, so it takes up less space when you carry it. This is a very well thought out and functional case.

The material is nylon on the outside and thick tarpaulin on the inside. The tarpaulin is thick enough to prevent the fabric from deteriorating and the hooks from sticking to the fabric. Hard boxes may not be able to store lures well depending on the shape and size of the lure to be put in, but the soft case is good for full use of space.

A Case Designed for Convenience

Among cases for storing big lures, the RF Multi Container has a nice feature of having an outside pocket and mesh as part of the fabric.

Frequently used items such as pliers, sharpener, rings, and assist hooks can be stored in the outside pocket when changing lures, eliminating the need to open different boxes to find them.

In addition, part of the fabric is mesh, so the lure can be washed entirely in fresh water with the case closed, and the mesh section can be used to drain the water. This makes it possible to protect the hooks and rings of used lures from rust.

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