Achievement of pulling out a 40 kg sunfish!

Attention! A NEW flashing-oriented lure for sunfish and GT! Diving pencil “OCEA DIVE FLAT 240F” is now available!

Shimano's offshore brand OCEA pursues unlimited possibilities. The brand has debuted an unprecedented type of diving pencil! In prototype testing, it pulled in a record-breaking sunfish of 163 cm and 40 kg.

Attention! A NEW flashing-oriented lure for sunfish and GT! Diving pencil “OCEA DIVE FLAT 240F” is now available!

The largest flat surface that produces strong flashing

One of the main features of “DIVE FLAT 240F” is the largest flat surface that forms the side of the body. This shape reflects sunlight and produces a flickering, glistening flashing effect that is highly appealing to the target. It is also designed to dive easily and can be used from slow to high speed, and it bites the water well to maintain a stable action. Seiichiro Tashiro, who caught a 40 kg sunfish, said, “Of course the flashing action is appealing, but the wave action is also very appealing. I think the appeal of the flashing action and the wave action is also quite significant. This lure appeals to a wide range of targets and stimulates their predatory instincts.

Synergistic appeal with ideal action

The DIVE FLAT 240F has a long weight with a fixed center of gravity. This creates an ideal roll action, allowing the flicker of light to reach wider and deeper into the water. It is also characterized by its good response to jerking and its tendency to dive slightly below the surface, which contributes to the generation of a roll action and wide swimming action. It bites the water well, so even when it is high, it dives just under the feet for action. It is a lure that can continue to attract sunfish until the very end, so I think it is especially useful when fishing at the water’s edge.

The rattle sound makes it even more appealing!

There are often situations where a fish is chasing, but not able to get it to bite. The “DIVE FLAT 240F” can be used as a meansThe Dive Flat 240F is equipped with a steel rattle ball near the head that rattles and clicks to attract the target’s attention. In addition to the flashing and rolling action, the sound of the rattle in the water appeals to the target and creates an opportunity for the target to use the rattle. Mr. Tashiro also believes that the rattles will be appealing enough to the sunfish in the water.

Selected and proven color lineup

The color lineup consists of six carefully selected colors, four flashing colors that make the most of the flat surface, and two clear colors. Four colors and two clear colors are available. Flashing boost” is not included in order to make the entire flat surface flashing. Flashing Boost” is not included in the lineup. The flashing type is the “Scale Boost” N type, which imitates the realistic pattern of bait fish scales. The flashing system consists of the natural color of the “SCALEBOOST” N type, which imitates the realistic pattern of baitfish scales, and the A orange type, which is highly visible due to the use of the A type. The clear type is a natural color with “Scale Boost” N type that imitates the realistic pattern of baitfish scales. The clear type uses a T-type scale boost that makes the most of the glossy transmitted light. The clear type uses the T-type SCALEBOOST to take advantage of the glossy transmitted light. The lineup includes popular and proven colors. Mr. Tashiro’s favorite color (T sardine mint) and easy-to-see color (A orange), and he also recommends the T Keimuratobiwake, which has wings painted on it, is also highly recommended.

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