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Outstanding ease of handling even under tough conditions! Rechargeable Heat Cutter” for Comfortable Line Processing

Happison items make anglers' fishing life happier and more comfortable. One such item is the "Rechargeable Heat Cutter," which is useful for tying lines. It is overwhelmingly easy to use, even at sites easily affected by wind and waves, and allows for comfortable line treatment!

Outstanding ease of handling even under tough conditions! Rechargeable Heat Cutter” for Comfortable Line Processing

Items that can be used safely and comfortably in the field

When fishing in the field, it is inevitable that you will have to rearrange knots and re-tie lures due to line breaks and other problems. While it is always nice to resume fishing as smoothly as possible, especially on a boat, it can be time-consuming due to the wind and rocking of the boat, and it also takes time to dispose of the end line after tying the line. Using ordinary scissors or a line cutter can cut your fingers, and using a lighter to make a burning knob can also be dangerous, as the wind can prevent it from catching fire.
Therefore, with Happison’s “Rechargeable Heat Cutter,” such problems can be easily solved. This item can be used in windy environments because it does not use fire, and its structure allows smooth operation without the risk of burns. The splash-proof construction is also resistant to water splashes, so it can be used in tough fields without worry.

Compact, easy to carry, and waterproof

Can be used repeatedly for easy maintenance!

Lightweight, compact, and easy to carry, “Rechargeable Heat Cutter” is an item that can be used repeatedly because it uses micro USB recharging. The higher the temperature, the easier it is to cut thicker lines, but the battery runs out more quickly, so two temperature settings are available: high and low. This problem can be solved by using a low temperature when using thin lines.
When fishing, several types of line are used, including PE, fluorocarbon, and nylon, etc. When using PE line, a leader is always tied on, so at least two types of line must be used. The “Rechargeable Heat Cutter” is compatible with all of these lines, so it can be used regardless of the genre of fishing. It is a very convenient item because it can easily cut either type of line and instantly create a baked knob.
Incidentally, after repeated use, some of the melted line and other material will accumulate on the metal parts, but the wire brush included for cleaning makes it easy to maintain. It is important to tie a line knot smoothly at the fishing site. It is a good idea to have these items ready so that you don’t miss a good opportunity to get a series of bites from fish by tying a line.

Easy to operate with the touch of a button. By placing the line in the center of the white part (the circle part), you can easily create a grilled bump.

Even thick leaders can be easily cut.

Easy to clean with the included brush.

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