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Safe offshore fishing is with deck shoes that keep your feet on the water. Shimano Boat Game Dry Deck Shoes

Have you ever had the dangerous experience of slipping on a wet deck while fishing in sandals? Actually, that can often be solved by wearing deck shoes. Shimano's newly released Boat Game Dry Deck Shoes are perfect for expert offshore anglers. Available in sizes ranging from 24.5 to 29.0 cm and in three colors (off-white, gray, and navy), they are attractive because they can be coordinated with clothing.

Safe offshore fishing is with deck shoes that keep your feet on the water. Shimano Boat Game Dry Deck Shoes

The ground contact area is

As the illustration below clearly shows, compared to Shimano’s EVAIR sandals, which are known for their gripping performance, the high-grip deck sole used in the Boat Game Deck Shoes has a ground contact area that is 263% larger! This is the reason why you can walk with your feet firmly on the violently shaking deck, even after repeated casts, fights, and quick moves.

Shimano’s original sole pattern
Shimano’s original sole pattern breathes new life into deck shoes.

As one would expect from Shimano technology! I’m amazed that Shimano has thought this far! The sole pattern is a “Shimano’s original”. As you can see in Illustration A, grooves are placed for drainage, allowing water to escape efficiently and preventing the formation of a film of water that can cause slipping.

The area circled by the red line in Illustration B has fine grooves called “siping. This allows the sole, which deforms under pressure, to adhere closely to the deck, diffusing water that could not be expelled by the thick grooves and enhancing grip. In fact, this is the same concept as studless tires. No wonder they don’t slip.

As you can see in Illustration C, the design increases the ground contact area near the ball of the phalanx, which is the basis of foot movement, to enhance grip. The design also increases the ground contact area near the heel, where the load is applied when the angler swings the rod during casting.

Illustration A

Illustration B

Illustration C

Easy to put on and take off
Low-cut & Rubber Shoe Laces

When offshore fishing, we often take off our shoes and go into the cabin, so low-cut shoes are convenient because we do not want to spend time taking them on and off. The soft opening of the shoes makes them easy to slip on and off, and the elastic laces eliminate the hassle of tying them (general laces are also included).

The shoes are also waterproof and breathable, so even if they are splashed with water or sea water, the inside will not get wet, so there is no discomfort. The midsole is made of a cushioned material, so it can be considered a sports shoe. Above all, anglers will feel more comfortable and enjoy a safe and secure fight if they challenge fishing in a pair of well-made shoes.

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