XESTA's Highest (Summit) Slow Emotion in History

The culmination of the rod is finally completed!

The world of slow jigging has expanded its possibilities, and tackle that can handle everything from inshore Tachi and Tai to the large Kampachi and root fish that lurk in deep waters in the south is in demand. Slow Emotion Summit Edition. The Summit Edition is the culmination of XESTA's research into all aspects of slow jigging rods.

The culmination of the rod is finally completed!

Nine models in the lineup

Despite its name, slow jigging is actually an emotional fishing technique that requires serious shaking of the jig and considerable physical strength. Among the many rods available for slow jigging, the newly released Summit Edition, which is claimed to be the highest peak in XESTA’s history, is the most polished rod ever released.

Nine models will be released, ranging from the B640, which offers delicate control of jigs weighing around 80 to 120 grams without excessive action, to the B6210, a power model capable of handling super heavy jigs weighing 400 to 1,000 grams.

The blanks are precision polished and then coated with an ultra-thin layer of highly durable paint to protect them from scratches and prevent damage.

For more information on each model, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

The rod in the upper photo is the B640 model, the lightest in the lineup. The lower one is the B6210, a power model for catching record class slow jigging

Review for increased sensitivity extends to guide spacing

As a result of a more stoic elucidation of slow jigging, the Summit Edition has more guide points than the existing Slow Emotion Cork Limited as a way to increase sensitivity (compared to the same number of models). This allows the signals obtained from the line to be sent clearly to the blanks, leading to increased sensitivity. In addition, the narrower guide spacing makes it less likely for the line to tangle at the end of the shank, which reduces guide tangling in the tip section.

Titanium LRV guide (SIC-S) in butt section, KT guide (SIC-S) in tip section, and titanium KG top (SIC) in top section More guide points than the Slow Emotion Cork Limited contribute to increased sensitivity and avoidance of trouble.

Carbon grip for reverberation sensitivity

Furthermore, Summit Edition’s low-number models are designed for use with small reels and feature PLS grips that emphasize perming performance. The higher models are equipped with T-DPS20 grips, which can be used with large reels and provide a high degree of freedom in the hand.

In addition, the end grip, which is just as important as the grip, is made of carbon to amplify the reverberating sensitivity inside the blanks and transmit signals to the angler. The signals transmitted not only to the hand but also to the armpit and elbow enable anglers to feel not only the bite but also the movement of the jig in detail.

Not only has the blanks been made more sensitive, but the end grip also has a gimmick to increase sensitivity.

The strongest model, B6210, is equipped with a long end grip that enables smooth shaking and retains hold. It is also made of carbon, so it does not lose sensitivity.


Slow Emotion Summit Edition

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