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Boat sea bass Big bait game Lineup includes models for

Abu Garcia's multi-fish rod “Xrossfield” has been fully remodeled for the first time in 10 years. It can be used for a wide range of targets, from freshwater bass and trout to saltwater light game such as boat sea bass and Spanish mackerel. The Crossfield series is a series that can be used in any field.

Boat sea bass Big bait game Lineup includes models for

What is the concept of the Xrossfield series?

The concept of the Abu Garcia “Xrossfield” series is, as the series name suggests, highly versatile, regardless of the target or field. It is not a peculiar rod limited for XXX fishing. It is characterized by its ability to cast and move the lure, which is the base of lure fishing, without any difficulty.

Generally speaking, a model with a delicate tip that can easily catch small bites is too delicate to cast, and too much bend in one part makes it difficult to cast, and also makes anglers cautious when fighting. Rods that are stiff and stiff overall are good for handling heavy lures, but are difficult to cast with the rod’s flex. Thus, rather than a model in which taking something away sacrifices something, Xrossfield offers a lineup of stress-free action and stiffness that matches the length of the rod.

The lineup is.
8 spinning models and 3 bait models

Xrossfield is characterized by its lineup of versatile models, but 10 years have passed since the launch of the previous generation of Crossfield, and the “Crossfield” is to undergo a full model change this year. Although the eating habits of fish do not change drastically at any given time, if we look at the history of fishing up to now, items have been developed and new techniques have been unveiled that allow anglers to get closer to their targets more quickly, thanks to anglers who study their targets diligently. The NEW Xrossfield has been prepared with variations to accommodate these diversified targets and techniques.

The items include eight spinning models with lengths ranging from ultra-light action at 5 feet 10 inches to medium action at 10 feet 3 inches. Three bait models are available in lengths ranging from 5 feet ultra-light action to 7 feet extra heavy action.

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Abu Garcia / Xrossfield

Featured models are lure weights up to 100g
Castable bait model

Models around 7 feet seem to be good for casting lighter lures on boat sea bass, but the model of interest in the series lineup is the 7-foot extra heavy-action model. This model can be said to be suitable for big baits, such as those used in the recent seabass boating patterns.

The 702XH has a standard dead weight of 227 g, a lure weight of 14 to 100 g, and a maximum line size of 6 (PE). Surprisingly, the price for this specs is 18,000 yen (excluding tax), making it an excellent cosmetic model.

The EVA grip is fitted with rubber in the shape of an X to increase the resistance to slipping. Separate handle for easy throwing of heavy lures. Key features include an end design that allows the rod to stand up with the grip end against the belly during big fights.

Adopts Fuji Industries’ new guide concept. Equipped with the world’s most trusted Fuji SiC guide for the top guide, which can be used with PE line without worry.

Abu Garcia’s original X carbon tape wrapping is applied. Torque is improved by tightening the carbon tape in an X shape from diagonal (45/135 degree) directions. This contributes to the prevention of torsion.

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