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Fish are there, but they don’t bite! The Make them bite by changing their movements!

This time we visited Irago, Aichi Prefecture, for the filming of FishingLover Tokai. The angler is Takumi Iyobe. He is a Hayabusa field staff member with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the waters of Ise Bay. He is a skilled angler who changes his lures to get anglers to bite while observing the conditions of the spot. The other angler is Shota Hashimoto. He is a member of the Hayabusa staff who conveys the joy of fishing both inshore and offshore. He is an intelligent angler who makes the best use of the characteristics of his gears to catch fish. What kind of fishing will he be doing?

Fish are there, but they don’t bite! The Make them bite by changing their movements!

A boat lure that can be used to search a wide area. Air jerk and scale to lure fish vertically.

Takumi Iyobe runs the Nagoya Port-based pleasure fishing boat “10TEN FEET UNDER SALT. The boat is known as a 24/7 charter boat that can be tailored to the needs of guests and targets a wide variety of fish, including sea bass, root fish, Mebaru, bluefin squid, black sea bream, maggot, and more. Needless to say, he is an expert angler. Bluefish, which are said to be coming down to Irago in the winter, are the target this time, but when the tide slackens, they will also try to catch Spanish mackerel and sago fish.

Arriving at the point, the two anglers first chose Hayabusa’s new product. Mr. Iyobe used the Jack-Eye Air Jerk Scale (Real Fish Scale Full Silver 150g). Mr. Hashimoto used the Jack-Eye Air Jerk Scale (Real Fish Scale Blue Sardine Amime Luminous 150g). We started by luring the fish vertically.

The depth of the point was about 25 meters. Mr. Hashimoto, who was using a one-pitch jerk, got a hit. At this point, Mr. Iyobe switched to a special offshore blade jig, the Jack Eye Funamaki (real fish scale blue sardine Amime Night 120g). The special feature of the Funamaki is that it produces an appealing wobble-and-roll action by simply reeling it in, swinging the back of the body from side to side. In addition, the flashing of the blades and the fluttering and drifting on the fall appeal to anglers.
The shallow depth of the water makes it ideal for fishing over a wide area. When the water is deep and I want to attack vertically, I prefer the air-jerk skate. For this depth, a 100-gram boat anchor may be better than a 120-gram anchor,” Iyobe said. Will it be a hit?

Mr. Hashimoto selected the Jack Eye Air Jerk Scale Real Fish Scale Blue Sardine Aeshime Luminous. He tried a variety of actions and got a hit right away!

The Jack Eye Boat Maki is a blade jig specially designed for offshore fishing that appeals to anglers by swinging the back of the body from side to side as it is simply reeled in. It is a jig with many possibilities!

Glow colors are effective in low-light conditions

Unlike Mr. Iyobe, who switched to a ship’s maki and intended to make anglers bite with the appeal of the blades, Mr. Hashimoto, who knows the characteristics of the Air Jerk Scale well, once picked up a ship’s maki but switched back to the Air Jerk Scale to continue fishing.

The day was cloudy. The most frequent hits were glow-type baits.
When the light level is strong, you can use only holograms without luminescence. But today, it was cloudy, so the glow was the most popular choice,” he said. The Air Jerk Skaill comes in weights from 100 to 250 grams and is available in seven colors.

Hashimoto mainly uses Air Jerk Scale Real Fish Scale Midokin Amime Luminous, while Iyobe uses Air Jerk Scale Real Fish Scale Blue Pin Sardine Amime Luminous and Real Fish Scale Midokin Amime Luminous, both glow colors, to try to overcome the situation where fish are seen on the fish finder but not responding.

Mr. Iyobe used a real ichthyoscope Midokin Amime luminescence. Overall, many hits were on glow-type colors this time.

Mr. Hashimoto returned to using air jerk scale, while Mr. Iyobe explored a wide area with a boat maki.

The correct answer is a sharp darting slow pitch jerk!

Mr. Hashimoto, who mainly uses the Air Jerk Scale, changed his jerk action from slow to high pitch and came to one conclusion. That is, vertical fishing is more responsive to fish than sideways fishing today. And a slow one-pitch jerk works better.

The biggest feature of the Air Jerk Scale is that it is thin, drains well, and produces a crisp action with a light one-pitch jerk. Its shape is close to a slow type, but it is slim and natural. The fall is irregular, and the opposite action between jerking and falling turns fish on. In any case, it drains well, so it is easy to handle even for beginners because of its low burden of rod manipulation.
Mr. Iyobe also hit a sago fish using Air Jerk Scale (Real Fish Scale Full Silver 150g). The bite was on the fall. He felt it was biting up, and even in such a difficult hooking situation, he used Hayabusa’s Shunkan Assist Hook Wide Double 2cm to bring it to a hit.

In this fishing trip, the sharp dart produced by the good drainage characteristic of the slow-pitch air-jerk scale and the irregular fall were the main factors that lured the fish.

Mr. Hashimoto, who judged that the slow pitch jerk of the Air Jerk Skaill was effective today, had a string of hits. Even in shallow water, he was able to get fish to bite by using a vertical lure.

When the tide slackened, a sago fish hit. Hashimoto was able to catch the light bite while reeling in and hooked the fish.

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