The Latest Notable Model to Upgrade SLJ Fishing to the Next Level

Cutting-edge technology has been put into The Super Basic of SLJ Rods

Everything has changed since the previous Daiwa “Blast SLJ” and the “Outrage BR SLJ” super light jigging rod continues the lineage of the Outrage series. The lineup consists of six models, four spinning and two bait models, and includes a wide variety of models from lightweight jig and shallow water models to all-around, deep and power models. All are two-piece models with excellent portability, making them a series to watch.

Cutting-edge technology has been put into The Super Basic of SLJ Rods

No less than the top-ranked Outrage SLJ model

Super light jigging (=SLJ) has been reevaluated in recent years as having made offshore fishing more accessible. Because it uses light tackle, the load on the angler is small, so beginner anglers and even physically weak children and women can enjoy this type of jigging.

However, super light jigging is a very deep game, and even if an angler initially fishes with an entry-level model in hand, he or she will want to move on to the next tackle when he or she wants to practice more delicate fishing one step further. For such anglers, we recommend the Outrage BR SLJ.

Its feel is no less than that of the higher-end “Outrage SLJ” model, and even better than the entry-level “Vadel SLJ AP” model. It would be impossible for only a major manufacturer to use such materials and offer such functionality and performance at a price of less than 30,000 yen. This is not just a basic model, but a super-basic model that goes one step beyond the basic model by combining all the performance required for super light jigging at a high dimension.

Bends so beautifully that it could be mistaken for a one-piece rod

The Outrage BR SLJ is a center-cut 2-piece model that saves space when traveling by motorcycle or public transportation, and when stored. It is true that many anglers shy away from two-piece models because they are considered to be somewhat insecure in terms of strength and smoothness of bending compared to one-piece models. However, the “Outrage BR SLJ” uses Daiwa’s proprietary V-joint technology to eliminate such concerns.

The V-joint is a bias-structured carbon sheet used in the joint of a two-piece rod. Compared to rods without the V-joint, the power, tension, and speed of recovery are greatly improved, creating an ideal action. The V-joint is the most important feature of this rod.

The V-joint also allows the rod to bend so beautifully that it is hard to believe that it is a two-piece rod. When fighting with big fish, the rod does not have to be loaded on one part of the blanks, so anglers can enjoy a safe fight with big fish.

The V-joint gives the rod such a beautiful bend that it is hard to believe that it is a 2-piece rod. When fighting with big fish, the rod does not have to be loaded at a single point on the blanks, allowing anglers to enjoy a safe fight.

Please see the actual fishing video for the beauty of the rod’s bending.

SLJ] OUTRAGE BR SLJ – Fishing commentary – Hibikinada version

Slim and muscular blanks increase lifting power

OUTRAGE BR SLJ uses HVF carbon and X45, which reduces the amount of resin, the glue that holds the carbon fibers together, and instead increases the density of the carbon fibers. The reduced amount of resin reduces weight and allows the characteristics of the carbon fibers to be fully utilized, creating a blank that is more powerful, tenacious, and strong.

In addition, X45 is a technology that wraps bias cloth (e.g., carbon fibers oblique at ±45°) to prevent twisting, in addition to the combination of longitudinal and transverse fibers that has been the mainstream in conventional blank forming technology. This prevents twisting, which interferes with all basic fishing motions from casting to landing, and dramatically improves power, maneuverability, and sensitivity. This technology enables the two-piece slim blanks to have excellent sensitivity and lift power.

Solid carbon top “Mega Top” is adopted

The Outrage BR SLJ uses a solid “Megatop” tip for superior strength and sensitivity. The carbon fibers are uniformly dispersed, which reduces variation from product to product compared to hollow blanks, and the carbon sheets do not overlap, so the tip bends in all directions in the same manner. These features make it possible to design a high-tapered tip and increase visual sensitivity due to the “tip bends well. It is thin and flexible, yet strong.
*610MS is a tubular tip

The reel seat of the spinning model has an air-sensor seat with carbon fiber.

The cosmetic part is based on black, which is never boring, and is composed of calming colors such as navy, gold, and carbon pattern.


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