NEW lure exclusively for offshore fishing that anyone can handle easily! The power of the blade jig “Jack-Eye Funamaki”!

Hayabusa's metal jig "Jack-Eye" series was developed with the aim of "making fishing easier and more enjoyable. Among them, the "Jack-Eye Makimaki", a jig dedicated to simply reeling in the lure to catch fish, continues to attract attention, and this summer a long-awaited model dedicated to offshore fishing has finally been released! During a fishing trip off the coast of Irago, Aichi Prefecture, using this new lure, anglers caught a series of good-sized bluefish and hairtail.

NEW lure exclusively for offshore fishing that anyone can handle easily! The power of the blade jig “Jack-Eye Funamaki”!

Flashing and wave action attracts a variety of targets

Hayabusa field staff member Takumi Iyobe and Hayabusa staff member Shota Hashimoto, who are experts in the bluefish game, went fishing off Irago, Aichi Prefecture, where signs of autumn were beginning to appear, with the “Jack-Eye Funamaki,” which can be easily caught simply by reeling it in. Both anglers chose a 150g bait to start their fishing at a point where they could target not only bluefish but also hairtail.

In a nice atmosphere with seabirds flying around, Mr. Iyobe got a hit right away! He used the flashing action of the blade jig to draw the fish in, and then had it bite when the jig was stopped. The flashing and wave motion of the hologram spin blade equipped on the jig is extremely effective for a variety of targets, including not only bluefish, but also hairtail and root fish. Hashimoto-san continued to have a hit with a hachiori, and he said that the blades appealed to him even when he put a stop in the middle of reeling up the fish. After that, the tachi-uo continued to respond well, and after adding a few more fish, they decided to move on to the next target, bluefish.

Mr. Iyobe, Mr. Hashimoto, and the others fished off Irago, Aichi Prefecture. At each point, they used their own techniques to catch their targets.

The metal jig used was Hayabusa’s “Jack-Eye Boat Maki,” which can be easily fished by simply reeling it in. At first, they selected a 150g jig.

Mr. Hashimoto, a staff member of Hayabusa, caught a lot of fish. He caught the fish in the pattern he was aiming for.

The second half of the season was a series of bluefish! Catching the main target with a distinctive presence among schools of baits.

The depth of the water was shallow at the new location, so the two anglers changed the weight of their “Jack-Eye Boat Mackie” from 150g to 100g. They also chose a color that stood out among the baits of maiwashi, and cast using spinning tackle to check a wide area. In the midst of a promising fishing atmosphere, Mr. Sakamoto, a Hayabusa staff member on the same boat, first hit a twobass-sized fish! Next, Mr. Iyobe’s rod was squeezed to capture a nice-sized Walleye.

While the boat was alive with activity and the hands of the anglers were working hard to cast and retrieve, Mr. Nishio, a Hayabusa staff member, caught a good-sized walleye. Iyobe was the next one to catch the reaction of the main target, and his rod showed the biggest bend of the day when he gave the angler an awase. He carefully took in a magnificent yellowtail, the longest fish of the day. After catching this fish, we had to stop fishing for the rest of the day, but it was a day when we could really feel the power of the “Jack-Eye Boat Maki.

Hayabusa staff member Mr. Sakamoto’s catch of a toothfish triggered a series of bluefish!

Mr. Iyobe caught a good-sized walleye!

Mr. Nishio, a Hayabusa staff member, also caught a nice-sized Walasa class fish!

Mr. Iyobe’s catch of a good-sized yellowtail was the last of the day’s fishing.

Why “Jack-Eye Boat Maki” Works for Bluefish

When we asked Mr. Iyobe about the features of the “Jack-Eye Boat Maki,” which he used this time, he replied, “The body has a voluminous shape, and it is basically a jig that anyone can use easily by simply reeling it in. It also flutters on the fall, so the jig itself can appeal to anglers. In addition, the blade on the rear has a flashing effect and has the power to attract fish,” he said. In addition, the front hook and blade have a hologram sticker on them, which is also highly appealing, he said. That is why bluefish can be caught even when just reeling in. Mr. Iyobe also uses stop-and-go fishing, or a normal one-pitch fishing pattern in which the angler lures the fish up to the surface and then lets it fall to the surface to bite, depending on the situation. The performance of the jack-eye boat mackie allows it to be used in a variety of rod work and luring techniques. It is interesting to experiment with various actions to capture the fish.

Available in weights of 100g, 120g, 150g, 180g, and 200g, and in the five colors shown in the photo.


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Interviewed by: Hayabusa

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