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Tail Walk 2024 Spring Release Accessories Dino skeleton pliers & washable jig bags

Tail Walk has introduced a washable jig bag and dinoskelton pliers for the spring 2024 release. Both items are now common in offshore fishing, but selecting a versatile model that is full of attention to detail will make fishing more comfortable and enjoyable. Please check them out.

Tail Walk 2024 Spring Release Accessories Dino skeleton pliers & washable jig bags

Selecting Fishing Pliers

Offshore lure fishing can be enjoyed with a minimum of a rod, reel, lure, and hardware (hooks and split rings), but to make fishing more comfortable and enjoyable, a variety of accessories and convenient items are available from various companies. Among them, pliers are necessary for attaching hooks and jigs, for avoiding danger when removing hooks from fish, and for cutting lines. Almost every angler who likes to fish offshore has a pair of pliers. Various types of pliers are available from various companies, including large and small, long and short noses, and large and small claws on the tips to match the size of the split ring being handled. Some beginners may not know which one to choose. In such cases, the best choice is a split ring model that can be used for multiple purposes. The main reason for this is that the multiple models can be used for a wide range of applications, from light fishing to split ring fishing for large fish. Split ring pliers are available for small and large rings, and are easy to use for each type of split ring. However, if you have not decided at this point what kind of fishing you will enjoy in the future, I recommend that you purchase the multi-model first.

The Dino Skeleton Pliers are newly released by Tailwalk. This model can be used for a wide range of offshore fishing from light to big game. Total length 205 mm, 186 g.

Dinoskelton Pliers

The Dino Skeleton Pliers from Tailwalk, released in March 2024, are split ring pliers designed for salt and freshwater fishing and multiple uses. It has a grip shape that allows it to be held firmly and is compatible with #4 to #11 split rings (ring sizes vary by manufacturer, so this is just a guide). The #4 is the size used for super light jigging, light jigging, and light casting if offshore. The #11 is the size used for big game and large plug hook eyes.

These pliers also feature a fluorine coating that makes the body stain and rust resistant. After use at sea, the pliers can be quickly cleaned of fish slime and salt stains with fresh water.

In addition, it is equipped with a cutter with excellent cutting ability for PE line and has a stopper that stops the cutter firmly when it is stored.

The shape has been researched and adopted for easy gripping. The fluorine coating makes it stain-resistant. The grip is also lightweight thanks to the hollowed-out part. Even when the case is placed in a case and attached to the waist belt, it is lightweight and hardly bothers the user.

Equipped with a cutter that can cut PE in a snap. Of course, nylon and fluorocarbon lines can also be cut smoothly. The size of the claw on the tip corresponds to small to large split rings.

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Washable Jig Bag

Many people probably store their jigs in cases or bags as a means of storing them during fishing trips. The advantage of a case is that the contents can be stored in an organized manner, can be taken out quickly, and can be stored with the hooks still attached, but they can also be subject to breakage if they fall off the boat’s seat or otherwise fall off. On the other hand, the “washable jig bag” made of mesh material, such as the one shown here, is free from damage. Although these models have hooks and are difficult to store, they will not be damaged even if they fall out, and can be washed with the jigs still in them after a fishing trip. It is easy to clean after fishing.

The Tailwalk Washable Jig Bag is designed with wires at both ends of the opening to maintain its shape, making it easy to open and close, easy to take out jigs, and also self-supporting. The lid is equipped with a reflective plate with the tailwalk logo.

The size is W300 x D130 x H120, and it can accommodate a wide range of jigs.

The buckled, Velcro lid keeps it securely in place and allows for quick jig insertion and removal. After returning to port, it can be washed as is for easy maintenance.


Product Information

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