The Best of the Bing Bing Stick Series

For Anglers Seeking Ultimate Sensitivity in Tail Lava Rods

Three new models have been added to the Bing Bing Stick Supreme, the pinnacle of the tie-lava rod series, proving Jackal's seriousness about the tie-lava game in 2024. Ai Tanaka is a professional staff member of Jackal and captain of FxF KIX, a pleasure fishing boat in Osaka Bay. Mr. Yoshio Tanabe is an expert angler who has mastered the tilefish game, mainly in the fierce competition in the Kobe and Akashi Strait areas. These are the favorite items of both of these anglers.

For Anglers Seeking Ultimate Sensitivity in Tail Lava Rods

Super sensitivity to catch “the bite before the bite before the bite!

The first model introduced is the “BSP-C511UL/Bait Casting,” which is named the “Deep Doterra Special” for delicate fishing in the open sea. The tip is not made with a solid tip, but with a tubular tip that is made to be extremely sensitive, so sensitive that even when the line is 100m or more out, the angler can catch the “pre-bite of the pre-bite” that is felt when a bigeye fish approaches the tie-liner and the water current changes. The line does not reject the bite, and the angler is able to hook the fish without fail.

In addition, the large-diameter guide was adopted in anticipation of the use of a thicker line, which is necessary for deep fishing and for heavier tie-raba weights.

This model enables anglers to feel “the bite before the bite before the bite,” which is a different dimension of high sensitivity that anglers have not been able to feel until now, even in deep-doterra fishing methods.

Bait and spinning model for expert methods

Mr. Yoshio Tanabe, who mainly fishes in the fierce battle zone of Kobe and Akashi Kaikyo area, uses one bait and one spinning model.
BSP-C68SUL/Bait Casting” was developed as a neo-doterra rod for cutting-edge methods. When practicing the “NEO Doterra Fishing Method,” in which anglers are fishing from both sides of the boat, the rod’s main feature is its excellent performance in hooking a bite when the line enters the bottom of the boat, which is said to be the most difficult situation for anglers to get a bite. Of course, it does not miss even the slightest change, so it has outstanding sensitivity when the line reaches the bottom of the boat. This makes it possible to avoid getting hooked by roots even in areas with many roots where many sea bream lurk, without missing the moment of landing on the bottom.

BSP-S59UL/Spinning” is a short spinning rod for anglers who are reluctant to bite. This model is a spinning rod, but has the same sensitivity as a bait model in the hand, and has achieved the performance of a bait rod for hooking fish.

Flexible action that flexes all the way to the butt for bite performance while also providing lifting power Guide settings thoroughly eliminate shaking during reeling, which often occurs with casting tilefish, and drastically reduce the number of bites. This is a cutting-edge casting tie king mackerel rod that combines high sensitivity and castability.

All-tubular design & ultra-lightweight, ultra-high-strength blank

Bimpin’ Stick Supreme is an all-tubular rod with a delicate tip that allows anglers to feel the slightest discomfort or small bite when a fish is chasing after the tie-laba and to hang it up. Designed to be ultra-sensitive, yet with a supple yet soft action that does not repel bites.

The blank is made of Toray’s NANOALLOY® technology-applied resin, a cutting-edge carbon material used for aerospace applications, and TORAYCA® T1100G, the world’s strongest carbon material, combined with different elastic materials, uniquely designed by Jackal.

To increase sensitivity, we dared not to stick to a single guide series, but rather used a titanium frame SiC ring guide for superior strength and a TORZITE ring guide for light weight and excellent thread release (both guides are made by Fuji Kogyo Co., Ltd.).

The feeling of landing on the bottom, which can be detected by a small dip of the line when the tide is fast. The delicate bites that often occur in tough conditions. The marking tip allows the angler to judge these things by the movement of the tip.

All models feature a grip joint that is far superior in storage capacity to a single piece without sacrificing action, strength, or sensitivity. High grade cork, which has been difficult to secure in recent years, is used for the grip. It is lightweight, feels good to the touch, and fits the hand better the more it is used.


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