Bluefish, root fish, and snapper series!

Jigging & Tie Laba in the Kakurikinada Sea, Nagasaki Prefecture

Nagasaki Prefecture is dotted with numerous remote islands, including the Goto Islands and the Male and Female Archipelago, and attracts the attention of anglers from all over Japan. Not only the remote islands, but there are also many good fishing spots in the surrounding areas, and offshore fishing such as jigging and tie-laba are also enjoyed actively. One such good fishing spot is the Kakurikinada Sea near the center of Nagasaki City, where Masuo Ueda of Rise Japan and Mao Hashimoto, a professional staff member of Rise Japan, went fishing. Here is a report on their fishing for seasonal targets by jigging and tie-laba fishing.

Jigging & Tie Laba in the Kakurikinada Sea, Nagasaki Prefecture

We set sail from Shikimi Fishing Port in Nagasaki City and headed for a point in the Kakuriki-nada Sea.

Anglers are Masuo Ueda of Rise Japan and Mao Hashimoto of Rise Japan’s professional staff. The two are familiar faces on Lure Paradise Kyushu TV.

Enjoying Offshore Fishing in High Season to the Fullest

Ueda and Hashimoto, who had not fished offshore in Nagasaki for a long time, headed for the Kouga, a pleasure fishing boat departing from Shikimi Fishing Port in Nagasaki City, to a point in the Kakurikinada Sea. It is the high season of fall, when fish are in wide open areas and actively preying on them. Without narrowing down targets or fishing methods, we decided to “catch whatever we can catch” and “just have fun without being picky.
First, Mr. Ueda fished with SLJ and Mr. Hashimoto fished with jigging. With no wind and the boat not moving much, the boatmate Ms. Kinue Arita, who started the day with a tilefish, caught a good-sized scorpionfish, which is known for its taste. Fujinaga Kazushi, who was shaking a jig, caught a bite and caught a tuna, and the boat became lively.
Next to Mr. Hashimoto, who had switched to a tilefish, Mr. Ueda, who was working a jig, caught a bite and gave it his best effort. The fish he caught was a good-sized scorpionfish. The lure he used was the 100g “Rise Jig SLJ Slim.
Next, Mr. Hashimoto, who was slowly pulling the bottom with a spinning tie-liner, got a long-awaited bite! He reeled in his rod and reeled in a good-sized bluefin that he pulled up on the boat. It was a good start to the day, just as he had hoped.

The first fish of the day was a scorpionfish caught by Mr. Arita.

Jigging brought in some tasty bonefish.

We enjoyed jigging and tilefishing without narrowing down our target for the day.

Mr. Ueda’s first fish was a scorpionfish. His hit lure was the “Rise Jig SLJ Slim.



Mr. Hashimoto’s first fish was a good-sized bluefin grouper.

Multi-species fishing! Root fish, bluefish, and sea bream were all caught in succession!

After that, both jigging and tie-laba fishing were going well, and a variety of fish hit the water. Mr. Ueda, Mr. Hashimoto, and the members of the boat fully enjoyed the high fall season.
Sueharu Tanaka caught a big pike Spanish mackerel using the “Rise Jig SLJ Slim,” and Ueda, who was targeting bluefish with a jig, caught a smelt.
Ueda said, “Migratory fish like this increase in the fall.
Yukihiro Hamada also caught a good-sized aohata while fishing with a tilefish, which kept the tension of the group high. Kyosuke Hirayama then succeeded in catching his first snapper of the day with a 100g “Rise Jig SLJ Slim. The fun time continued with many bites.
Then, Mr. Hashimoto, who had switched to a tie-rubber, caught a bite with great pleasure and let his rod wiggle widely, and he caught the long-awaited snapper in his hand. The combination of “Namidama TG” 80g and “Namidama Necktie Thick and Short Curly” was his hit lure.
Hashimoto said, “I cast as far as I could and pulled it slowly along the bottom, and it bit. Hashimoto repeated his approach in search of one more fish.

Barracuda Spanish Mackerel Smelt. Various fish hit one after another!

The long-awaited red sea bream also made an appearance.

Mr. Hashimoto changed to a tilefish and caught a beautiful snapper!

Mr. Hashimoto used “Namidama TG” 80g head for tie-laba

Namidama TG

A rush of red sea bream at the end of the day made for a very satisfying fishing experience

As the wind picked up, we searched a wide area as we drifted the boat. We are off the reefs where there are a lot of bluefin, so we are going to use tie-raba this time. Tiger fish on bait will follow the bait to the top, but if you fish the sandy areas around the reefs, you will be fishing mainly on the bottom, so I will use a slower speed,” said Ueda.
Hashimoto-san followed the same pattern and added a red snapper, followed by Ueda-san, who used the “NAMIDAMA MED” to catch red snapper by flexing his rod. He used an 80 g “Namidama MEDAMA,” whose hook caught the snapper firmly in the mouth.
After a good-sized bluefin time, a series of red sea breams appeared, with Mr. Fujinaga catching a kampachi using the “Rise Jig” and Mr. Arita catching a sunfish using a tie-laba! After Mr. Ueda, Mr. Hashimoto caught the longest fish of the day, and then Mr. Hirayama & Mr. Miyamoto and Mr. Ueda & Mr. Hashimoto had double hits! The fishing was festive on the boat, and the day ended with a very satisfying catch.
In the offshore fishing during the high season, it is interesting to fish in your own way without any restrictions, as we did this time. Why don’t you choose a fine day and go out to the field?

Mr. Ueda also switched to tie rubber to catch red sea bream.

Mr. Ueda used “Namidama MEDAMA” 80g.

Namidama MEDAMA


Mr. Fujinaga caught kampachi with “Rise Jig”.



Ueda-san is happy to hold Arita-san’s sunfish, and you can check out the fun banter between the two on the program!

Ueda-san with an additional snapper. (Image 22) Mr. Ueda added a snapper, which was also in good condition with a beautiful body.

A double hit towards the end of the show!

Success in increasing the size of the snapper! Mr. Hashimoto caught the longest snapper of the day.

The final stage of the day was a festival with a series of bigeye.

Thanks to Kouga, which sails from Shikimi Fishing Port in Nagasaki City.


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