This is the definitive offshore scissors!

The Cut-chan Family Powerful Cut-chan joins the Cut-chan family!

For offshore anglers, PE line is an inseparable part of their lives, but it is Sunline's "Line Cut-chan" scissors that cut PE line well! (Laughs) These scissors are a product created by a scissors master who has been researching and developing scissors for about 40 years in Seki-City, Gifu Prefecture, which is well known as a town of cutlery, utilizing his longtime know-how. The company has also added Powerful Cut-chan, a more powerful version of Cut-chan, to its lineup.

The Cut-chan Family Powerful Cut-chan joins the Cut-chan family!

There is nothing in fishing that you don’t want more than scissors that don’t cut.

We all want to make our fishing time a little shorter and less stressful. For this reason, scissors, line cutters, pliers, and split ring pliers, which are frequently used in fishing, must be the best choice. If these tools are not usable, the rhythm of the fishing will be disturbed. And there are many anglers who have yet to find the “BEST! For such anglers, we recommend Sunline’s “Line Cut-chan” scissors. The origin of the name is not clear, but the name means “line cutter” in Japanese, and the scissors are compatible with PE line. Therefore, it is compatible with PE line. Even though there are no jagged edges on the blade, the cutting edge does not slip, and it demonstrates outstanding sharpness. The surface is coated with titanium, which increases surface hardness and improves wear resistance. These scissors also have excellent corrosion resistance.

Material Blade: Stainless alloy steel Handle: PP resin

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Adoption of gears allows thin PE line to be cut without slipping with no tension

Powerful Cut Chan” joins the Line Cut Chan lineup. The greatest feature of Powerful Cut-chan is that offshore anglers can cover almost all tasks with this scissors. It cuts everything from thin PE lines to thick leaders in a snap. The gizzard blade makes it excellent for cutting PE line without tension and without slipping.

With a cut hole for thick monofilament line, the blade holds up well.

Powerful Cut-chan has a special cutting hole for cutting thick monofilament line used for leaders. The hole at the base of the blade is shown in the photo. By using this hole, it prevents the scissors from losing their sharpness.
Another nice feature is the large grip hole that allows you to comfortably insert your finger. This is appreciated, as it is difficult to use scissors with a small grip hole.

The grip hole has a 3 mm diameter hole for attaching a spiral cord or similar device. Attaching a cord prevents it from being lost or falling off, and it is useful because you can reach the scissors by following the cord even if you don’t look at it.

The blade portion is titanium coated for long-lasting sharpness. The scissors are also corrosion resistant, so this is the perfect scissors for offshore anglers!

Material: (Blade) Stainless steel for high hardness cutting tools (Grip) UV resistant elastomer resin

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