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NEW item to protect fishing tackle from rust! Vaporizable rust inhibitor “Ocean Barrier OB02” was born!

Studio Ocean Mark is a fishing tackle manufacturer that gives shape to anglers' "wants". Studio Ocean Mark offers original reels, custom parts, and grips with excellent performance and design, and is very popular among offshore freaks. From this brand comes a new item that prevents rust from forming on metal parts, a problem that plagues saltwater anglers.

NEW item to protect fishing tackle from rust! Vaporizable rust inhibitor “Ocean Barrier OB02” was born!

Background of Development To solve the problems of salt anglers

Rust caused by seawater is a problem for all salt anglers, and maintenance after fishing trips is a must. Even so, all metals in the tackle box cannot escape rust. Even if reels and lures are washed with fresh water after a fishing trip and maintained, replaced hooks, fish grips, pliers, etc. are sometimes forgotten to be cleaned, or splashed when the box is opened, which causes seawater to adhere to the stored fishing tackle and cause rusting. This can cause seawater to adhere to the fishing tackle in storage and cause it to rust.
To eliminate rusting of fishing tackle caused by seawater adhesion, Studio Ocean Mark has long been focusing on vaporizable rust inhibitors (materials that prevent rusting of metals by diffusing their components in a sealed space). However, conventional vaporizable rust inhibitors are used for storage and marine transportation of industrial goods, and are supposed to be used for items that are new and stored without moisture adhering to them. In tackle that had been used for fishing and adhered to seawater, hooks, pliers, and reels would rust when returning from an expedition because the rust-preventive effect was slow-acting.
Therefore, the company began research and development with a chemical manufacturer. After repeated testing and trial and error, they blended “fast-acting” and “slow-acting” ingredients to create the new product “Ocean Barrier,” an item that exhibits rust-preventing effects from the moment it is opened.

A proprietary blend of vaporizable rust-preventive materials with long-lasting effects

Ocean Barrier” is an original formula that starts working immediately and maintains its effectiveness over a long period of time, based on a review of the ingredients sold for industrial use. The diffused ingredients penetrate into the water remaining in the tackle, and are so effective that the water itself becomes an anti-corrosion material.
The most notable feature of this product is its long-lasting effect. Even if the lid is opened and closed several times a day during weekly fishing trips, the effect lasts about 6 months for a small lure box and about 3 months for a large box such as Dokat. It can also be used on tackle boxes used on a daily basis, cloth bags for storing reels, wooden racks, etc.

Can also be used on cloth bags used to store reels

The image above shows the results of a test using gold-plated bait fishing needles, which are prone to rust.
The gold-plated needles were periodically sprayed with seawater, but only a few rust spots appeared on the gold-plated needles with “Ocean Barrier.

Innovative packaging to protect fishing tackle

The packaging of “Ocean Barrier” is also carefully designed to effectively prevent rust. The aluminum pouch is used to keep the product in the tackle box, and even if it is splashed a little while fishing in the rain or traveling by boat, the moisture will not penetrate the pouch and will not affect the agent inside. In addition, just like wet wipes, the porous portion is covered with a flap seal, and when using the bag, simply peel off the seal and place the bag in the tackle box. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also designed to be effective immediately.

Just peel off the flap sticker and put it in the box for immediate effect!

With this Ocean Barrier, when it comes time to use the tackle at the fishing site, when you take things out of the tackle box, you will not have the trouble of “Hey, that’s rusty! I can’t use it.” No more trouble. Buy it and put it in your various tackle boxes for peace of mind.

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