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Compact and easy-to-use Shimano fishing knife and picks

Many anglers want to bring home their catch as fresh as possible. In such cases, anglers want to choose tools that are as compact and easy to use as possible to bring to the fishing site. Shimano's compact and easy-to-use folding knife "Folding Knife UF" and pick "Folding Pick F" (used for tightening fish and squid and for crushing ice) are excellent products that satisfy not only functionality but also the desire for ownership.

Compact and easy-to-use Shimano fishing knife and picks

Compact and easy-to-grip handle

If you are an angler who loves knives, you see a butterfly-type tool and want one just for that!  You would think, “I want one of these tools! Such tools have been released by Shimano. The Folding Knife UF and Folding Pick F.

The butterfly type requires some training to open and close quickly and coolly (no training is required for normal opening), but once you get used to it, you can operate it quickly and easily with one hand. It is also structurally safer than folding knives. If you hold the handle portion, the blade portion will not fold up when in use, due to its structure. Therefore, strong force can be applied.
In addition, when in use, the handle is equipped with a lock that allows the ends of the handle to be connected, and the handle is non-slip and shaped for easy gripping, making it very easy to handle.

Long-lasting blade with scale removal

The shape of the blade of the folding knife UF is characterized by its easy handling without any peculiarities. It is also thick, so it can be used safely with force. Although it does not have a blade, the tip has an edge on the back as well, and the blade is fluorine coated, so it goes easily into the fish. The fluorine coating also makes it rust-resistant and long-lasting.

The back of the blade is shaped to allow removal of scales. When you remove the scales at home, they may scatter and stain your kitchen, making you angry, but this is convenient because you can do it quickly and easily at the fishing site.

It also serves as a fish tightener and ice crusher.

The folding pick F, which has the same shape but different functions, should be kept as a set with the folding knife UF. In my opinion, it would be a little cool to have both of them in the same set.

The greatest feature of this pick is that the flat tip of the blade can be resharpened. It can be used for brain clamping and gill slitting of small to medium-sized fish such as horse mackerel and sea bream. The flat blade is also useful for tightening squid. Also, like the knife, the blade is fluorine coated to resist rust, so it goes easily into the body and can be used for a long time against rust.
The blade is sturdy, so it is excellent for use when breaking ice that is too large to fit in a little, or when breaking ice into small pieces on the way back home.


Product information】 Folding knife UF

Product information】 Folding pick F

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