Ripplefisher's first
Bait Rod Dedicated to Offshore Casting is Now Available!

Only a manufacturing brand can do it! Designing bait-only blanks from scratch

Ripple Fisher designs blanks, manufactures them, assembles them, and ships them at its own factory in Kumamoto. The company was founded when a fisherman asked them to make a rod that would be strong and sticky because there were some fish he just couldn't catch, and they developed a specialized rod for that purpose. That is why he takes pride in being a "rod maker" for big game fish. The Ultimo 86M/B, the first dedicated baitcasting rod for large offshore fish, is scheduled to be released by Ripple Fisher in May 2024.

Only a manufacturing brand can do it! Designing bait-only blanks from scratch


Ripplefisher’s originating idea of “making rods to catch fish that can’t be caught” takes shape.

Ultimo 86M/B is a new addition to the Ultimo series of baitcasting rods, primarily targeting GT and kingfish (sunfish). Currently, spinning reels are mainly used in offshore fishing. Bait reels can overcome the weak points of spinning reels, such as trouble caused by swaying thread and the inability to fit a long leader on the spool. Bait reels also have an overwhelming advantage in power when reeling up. The overall tackle weight can be reduced, and there will be fun in using the reel. Another feature of bait reels is that they do not release excess line when casting and maintain a moderate tension, so the lure flies in a stable position without spinning.

Of course, there are some disadvantages. When casting light lures or fishing in a headwind, the angler’s skill is tested. Also, in terms of reeling speed, it is no match for a high-gear spinning reel. However, in recent years, when record-sized fish have hit but not been caught, bait reels that can fight powerfully with thick line have been attracting more and more attention. In response to this, we have developed a new line of bait reels that are “lighter and farther away from the big fish. Ultimo 86M/B was developed based on the concept of “lighter, further away, and more efficient in the face of big fish.

Starting from the drawing board
A model refined in the field

Ultimo 86M/B was designed from the drawing board as a special blank for baits so that it can generate flying distance even if the rod is not swung with force, and the parts that were bothersome were corrected in practice.

The rear grip was set longer so that the puller (hand holding the rear grip), which is important when casting, can grip the rod powerfully at a position that does not cramp the body. The fore grip has a rubber grip so that the angler can grip the reel firmly and forcefully while fighting or during the action. Large-diameter guides are set to accommodate long leaders with thick lines and various line systems. Ultimo 86M/B is a model that has been improved and perfected through actual fishing.


Ripplefisher’s offshore casting rod.
flagship model of Ripple Fisher’s offshore casting rods.

Long casting performance is the most important factor for success in the offshore casting game. Based on this, Ripple Fisher’s flagship Ultimo series of offshore casting rods are designed to be lightweight, well-balanced, and comfortable to cast and fight with without anxiety. In addition to the 86M/B bait model, the Ultimo series includes the 82ML, 83M, and 710MH spinning models, each of which has its own unique characteristics. All of the parts that sublimate the carefully designed blank into a rod with soul are functional, and the cosmetics will give anglers the pleasure of holding them in their hands.

As for guides, the 86M/B bait rod is equipped with SiC-S titanium frame K guide + Ocean guide. The 82ML, 83M, and 710MH spinning lures are equipped with SiC-S titanium frame K + SiC-RV guide specifications for maximum thread release. The rubber cap at the grip end is fitted with a resin ring to eliminate sticking of the gimbal belt and grip end during fighting. This allows smooth insertion and removal from fight to landing. The logo, model name, and cosmetics are based on silver for a calm and elegant design.

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