This is amazing! A pleasant cold sensation that makes you say "Yuck!

Don’t worry about overheating, You can concentrate on fishing without worrying about overheating! mazume×ICEMAN® Water Cooling Vest

In some areas, heat (plus sunburn) countermeasures are necessary. Speaking of heat countermeasures for offshore anglers in summer, nowadays, wearing thin clothes is not enough to beat the strong sunlight, so they need to reduce skin exposure, wrap themselves in cool clothing, and drink cold water frequently. In addition to these measures, there is gear that can be used to overcome the extreme heat. That is the mazume x ICEMAN® water-cooled vest. We decided to explore the advantages of this product on this website.

Don’t worry about overheating, You can concentrate on fishing without worrying about overheating! mazume×ICEMAN® Water Cooling Vest

Cold water circulates and cools the torso comfortably.

The mazume x ICEMAN® Water Cooling Vest is characterized by the fact that cold water circulates through the blue pipes to cool the body. The pipes adhere closely to the body, allowing the wearer to feel the coolness immediately. In addition, it does not inflate like a vest with a fan, so it does not interfere with fishing operations. Rainwater and splashing water are not drawn in by the fan.

To set up, simply fill the backpack with coolant and about 200 ml of water, connect the USB Type-A terminal on the main unit to a mobile battery (sold separately), and turn on the switch to activate the pump.
There are three types of operation modes, and the estimated battery consumption time for each is about 30 hours of continuous operation when a 10,000mAh battery is used: 【Continuous Operation Mode】, continuous operation, and 【Middle Operation Mode】, a 20-second operation. The middle operation mode, which operates for 20 seconds and stops for 60 seconds, lasts about 90 hours. In the long operation mode, which runs for 20 seconds and stops for 80 seconds, the mAh operates for about 100 hours.
These figures are only a guide and may vary slightly depending on usage conditions.

Sustained Effectiveness with a Large Number of Thin Cold Insulators

While battery life is not a problem for a day’s fishing, it is difficult to make a single coolant last a whole day, even in a backpack with cooling effect, because of the retention time of the coolant that cools the circulating water. However, if you bring in a thin type of coolant using a high performance cooler with solid cooling power, which every offshore angler has, you can utilize 100% of it in the mazume x ICEMAN® water cooling vest. Of course, frozen plastic bottles can also be placed in the backpack, and when the frozen portions have melted nicely, they can be used to “rehydrate the angler”.

Great to use a waist-wrapping raijakke and not feel like wearing it!

One of the recommended points of the mazume x ICEMAN® water-cooling vest is its lack of wearing feeling. Since it is a vest type, it looks like, “Doesn’t it get in the way?” “Isn’t it heavy?” Many anglers may feel that the vest is too heavy. However, as soon as you put it on, you will notice that it is so comfortable that you do not even feel that you are wearing it. By adjusting the chest harness to keep the main body in the center, the vest does not get caught when casting or jerking (when you want to cool your armpits, you can spread the main body out). Because it is a vest type and the chest harness is in effect, the load is distributed and the weight felt is less.

The front pocket of the vest (made of tarpaulin) can hold a mobile battery on the left side and a smartphone or other small items on the right side.
This is an item that you should definitely try out to get through this summer.


mazume×ICEMAN® Water Cooling Vest

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