Bait Rods for GTs to Enjoy Close Combat with Jointed Big Bait

A new rod that you can’t get enough of the excitement! Wide Power Bow 83HD

A new baitcasting rod for GT fishing has been added to the Tail Walk Wide Power Bow series. This rod is designed to target individuals lurking in shallow water where GTs lurk, using jointed big baits, and is a model that GT-loving anglers will be interested in.

A new rod that you can’t get enough of the excitement! Wide Power Bow 83HD

Another Style of GT Fishing

The giant trevally is large and has a powerful pull. It is a game fish with many attractions. If one were to imagine a scene of such GT fishing, one would probably be using a popper or pencil and making long casts with spinning tackle. However, what is clear from actually trying this type of fishing is that it requires technique to send the lure far away and stamina to keep moving the lure (and of course stamina during the fight), and it is undeniably a bit difficult for anglers who have only just opened the door to GT fishing. Of course, in GT fishing, distance increases the bite rate. However, GT fishing is not only about casting long distances; most predator fish, not just GTs, hide behind obstacles and wait for a chance to prey on them. Therefore, it is also effective to cast and fish around reefs in shallow water using jointed big baits that have high fish-collecting power, and to cast to the target area. The Tail Walk Wide Power Bow 83HD was developed with such fishing in mind.

Source:YouTube “Morizo Style -Fishing, Work and Miyako Island

A story about GT bait tackle mind – Actually, it’s super easy! Offshore Baitcasting

The development of the Wide Power Bow 83HD was led by Captain Moritaka Goto of Fishing Guide Service Morizo on Miyako Island, an advocate of GT fishing using bait tackle. The concept of this rod was to use a jointed big bait with high fish-collecting power to target GTs lurking around reefs in shallow water with a short cast and a good return on the cast within 35 m. The rod was designed to be used with a line of PE No. 10 or higher.

Use line with PE No. 10 or more. The reason for this is to be able to power-fight a GT that tries to escape into the reef, to be able to easily recover from a backlash, and to be compatible with a bait reel (for more details, see the video above).
The rod for this purpose must have extremely tenacious and high breaking strength blanks, which is a prerequisite from casting to landing. The Wide Power Bow 83HD is equipped with these features.

Inevitable spiral guide setting with fight and lure action

Bait rods have the guides attached to the top of the blanks, so when the rod bends during a power fight, torsion occurs. The line interferes with the blanks. To solve this problem, increasing the number of guides will make the rod heavier. In addition, upward-facing guides may be prone to tip tangling when the line tension is released. These can be eliminated with a spiral guide setup.

So far, these are the generally accepted advantages of spiral guides, but according to Captain Moritaka Goto, “The most important point is that the spiral makes the movement of jointed big baits smoother. That may actually be the main reason for using spiral guides.
However, although this model is designed for casting at 35m or less, it is not a “non-flying” rod. Spiral guides are not familiar to casting rods, and some anglers may not be able to accept the difference from the common guide setting. However, since we are not casting light lures, there is no need to worry about this point.
The details of this too are demonstrated and introduced in the video below, so please take a look.

Source:YouTube “Morizo Style -Fishing, Work and Miyako Island

Introducing the GT bait rod to be released this spring! tail walk “WIDE POWER BOW 83HD

We also have a model for jigging, the Expedition series “WIDE POWER BOW”. Please check out the other models.

The new release is the 83HD.
The new release is the 83HD, but the Wide Power Bow is a series designed for power game fishing in all kinds of fields, including shore, offshore, fresh, and salt, based on the concept of a borderless bait rod for “shooting” at the world’s fighters. It is a series designed to respond to power game in all kinds of fields, including shore, offshore, fresh and salt. There are models suitable not only for casting games but also for vertical fishing such as jigging. It is definitely worth checking out.

Tail Walk / Wide Power Bow

The Elan Super Wide Power reel is designed to match the Wide Power Bow, a heavy-duty bait rod.

It comes standard with two handles: a 120mm double handle and a single handle that can be adjusted to 75 or 90mm in length.

Tail Walk / Elan Super Wide Power

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