More Light, More Compact

The most cost-effective! Lightweight Compact Designed exclusively for offshore light game

Seirens, which has been highly evaluated for its light weight, compactness, and smooth winding comfort as a model exclusively designed for offshore light games such as light jigging, boat azing, squid metal, and tilefish, now comes in a BM (basic model)! The price is an unbelievable low price of 11,000 yen (excluding tax)!

The most cost-effective! Lightweight Compact Designed exclusively for offshore light game

Unimaginable in function and appearance
At an astonishing price!
Offshore light game fishing has become more accessible!

The price of 11,000 yen (tax not included) for this look and functionality is nothing short of amazing! The difference from its big brother Seirens (priced at 27,000 yen without tax) is that the drive gear is made of hard brass (Seirens is made of ultra-super duralumin). Other parts of the model are almost the same, and the functions are very well-developed.

This model features a body made of graphite material to reduce weight, weighing only 220 g. The low-down and slim perforated cup design makes it compact enough to fit securely in the palm of even the smallest angler’s hand.

The DH model has a 100mm double handle with a 30mm EVA fat I-shaped knob, while the PH model has a 60-75mm single handle with a 36mm EVA round knob (the length can be adjusted by changing the position of the hole to be used). The spool is made of 32mm aluminum with a small diameter for smooth thread drop. There is nothing to complain about.

Trouble-free with a choy throw
The fall speed can be adjusted in
Adjustable in 20 steps!

Anglers can rely on the magnetic brake to minimize trouble not only when falling, but also when they want to make a quick throw. The Seirens BM is equipped with such a brake, and the brake can be adjusted in 20 steps, allowing fine-tuning to suit the situation. If you use it well, you can change the speed of the fall, and you can outrun other anglers without missing a bite on the fall. The small-diameter, lightweight aluminum spool is the main reason for the smooth fall of the line on the fall. A small-diameter, lightweight spool has a good initial movement of rotation and high braking performance. This makes the model suitable for more delicate games in which bites are produced by the fall.

Really convenient to have
Includes line memory

“What size PE line was wound on this reel?” (text) “What size PE line was wound on this reel? You may remember at first, but as time goes by, you forget. To prevent this from happening, a line memory is attached to the reel. The line memory is located in an inconspicuous place that does not interfere with the design, which is a GOOD thing! The capacity of PE line on the spool is 300m for various offshore saltwater games. The amount of line reeled up per one rotation of the handle is 73cm.

The double-hand model is ideal for tie rubber fishing and steady retrieve fishing, where stable reeling speed makes the difference between success and failure. We recommend the power-handle model for fishing that rhythmically entices fish by synchronizing the reeling and jerking of the handle, and for deep tie-laba fishing where the line discharge tends to be high due to dutella fishing, etc. The power-handle model enables fatigue-free reeling.


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