Whoever throws, flies in a natural flight posture

Really! It can be flown with PE No. 8! Popular since its release! 185mm diving pencil!

Mr. Ryota Segawa is an angler who fishes around the world with Saltiga in his hand. In Mr. Segawa's opinion, the 185mm diving pencil is the smallest of the medium-sized diving pencils used to target sunfish. He has often felt that this size was designed to achieve sufficient casting distance with PE No. 5 or smaller, and that using a larger line often left him dissatisfied with the casting distance. With this in mind, we have developed the Cuddler 185F so that even with a 185mm rod, it can achieve a flying distance even with PE No. 8 or No. 10. Moreover, the flying distance is said to be such that the lure will fly in an automatic posture even if the angler is not a good caster (someone who can cast the lure without losing posture).

Really!  It can be flown with PE No. 8! Popular since its release! 185mm diving pencil!


Why Mr. Segawa, who is also a lure builder, started working with ABS

Mr. Segawa, who is also active as a lure builder, fully supervised the release of the Cuddler 185mm from Daiwa in 2024, and the reason why he decided to make the Cuddler in ABS (synthetic resin) is because it can be mass-produced so that he can have as many as he needs for his own fishing trips around the world, and because it has the advantages of wood (individual pieces vary) and foam (it can break). (The advantages of ABS are its stability and performance.

The advantage of ABS is that it can be mass-produced with stable performance, and its performance remains almost the same even after extended use. Also, ABS products are less expensive than handmade products, which are produced in limited quantities, and as a result, anglers who share Mr. Segawa’s desire can obtain and enjoy them. The Cuddler 185F was developed with this in mind, and Mr. Segawa made no compromises in its commercialization.

Explanation (Planning and Development) Video

What we aimed for was a panic-type action

The action of the Cuddler 185mm is possible because it is made of ABS. The idea was to make the entire body blisteringly appealing. It dives firmly in any situation, catching water in a short distance and swimming in a spiraling motion with the entire body.

It was more difficult to adjust than wood, resulting in repeated testing and making the mold four times. The goal was to achieve high buoyancy and a firm swim near the water’s surface. The mold was also adjusted to add an element of irregular movement. Finally, after seeing the reaction of the fish, they gave the go-ahead for commercialization.

Explanation (offshore version) video

Square Eye to Reduce Input Errors

The Cadre 185 has a variety of designs, paying attention to even the smallest details. First of all, it has a square eye with a pointed tip instead of the common round eye. This leads to a straight line by setting the input direction when pulling. This allows for a highly repeatable jerk with less error action.

Counterweight to float and stabilize

In order to stabilize the rising posture and make the lure dive firmly even under various sea surface conditions and tides, a thin and wide counterweight is placed on the back of the lure. This allows the lure to grip the water firmly over a short distance and produce a swimming action that spirals around the entire body.

Slim tail shape for stable flight posture

The slim tail shape is designed to produce stress-free casting distance even when casting with PE #8, despite its 185mm size, and the streamlined design, which is made possible by the ABS material, is designed to maintain a stable flying posture no matter who casts it. The slim-tail is designed to maintain a stable flight posture for anyone who casts it.

This spring, we are hearing good fishing results from the Cuddler 185F at various Yellowtail amberjack&gt fishing grounds. Why not have one ready in your box?

Color lineup: 8 colors
Weight: 77g
Recommended hooks: Treble #2/0 to 3/0 Single #5/0 to 7/0
*Recommended hook weight: Approx. 15g setting

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