With the addition of the MG model, the first model change in six years!

More compact and easier to operate! Parts have been improved in every detail! OCEA CONQEST CT

The OCEA CONQEST CT reel is extremely popular among offshore anglers as a reel with a durable digital counter, and this model features a fall lever that allows anglers to adjust the line release speed during fall. By using the fall lever, anglers can catch bites on the fall. The new model is compact, lightweight, and sensitive, while maintaining these features. In addition, the digital counter and handle have been improved in every detail. Also of note is the release of the MG model, which is ideal for deep tie lures!

More compact and easier to operate! Parts have been improved in every detail! OCEA CONQEST CT

The NEW model has a more compact body and improved parts details. The body is now silver in color, both elegant and dignified.
*301HG: to be released in August 2024, 300MG: to be released in September 2024, 301MG: to be released in October 2024


Smoothness at the start of winding up is truly otherworldly!

The first thing you can feel with the NEW OCEA CONQEST CT model is that it is more compact in appearance. And when you actually use it, you will feel the smoothness of the first reeling when a load is applied. The reason for this feeling is the addition of the Infinity Drive, in addition to the “strong frame and precise drive system” of the micro-module gears and HAGANE body that were also used in the previous model. This has enabled a distortion-free reeling feel. In addition, the new model is able to clearly sense changes in the water and clearly transmit signals from the deep range to the hand.

The MG model was born out of harsh conditions

The NEW OCEA CONQEST CT now includes a model equipped with MG (medium gear). This model is designed for deep-doterra snapper kingfish fishing, which originated in the Sea of Japan. The main weight of the sea bream rubbers used here is 150-250g, and sometimes more than 300m of line is produced.

In the case of the HG model, when fishing at depths of 100m or more in headwinds using 250g of sea bream rubber, it is tough to wind up the line under load during retrieval, while in the case of the PG model, it is tough to keep winding the handle at high speed during retrieval when the line is over 300m out.

Therefore, the MG, which is the gear ratio in the middle, is able to clear the harsh situations of the HG and PG models.

With an alarm to keep the angler from missing the target range

The new winding distance alarm is excellent. The alarm sounds up to three times in multiples of the set distance, so the winding distance can be determined by sound without having to look at the counter. For example, in the case of the 5-meter setting (the settings are every 5 m, 10 m, 15 m, 20 m, 25 m, and no alarm), the alarm sounds three times every 5 m from the bottom to 15 m, in total. When concentrating on targeting the indicated ticks, the sound enables the angler to grasp the situation and repeatedly lure the fish without having to look at the counter.

5° tilt in the front makes the diplay screen easier to see.

The NEW OCEA CONQEST CT has a 5° tilt in front of the display screen compared to the previous model, making it easier to see when the tip is down during the jerk and fall. No more changing the angle of the reel to see the screen, and no need to stop the action to look at the counter. It is a great advantage to be able to check the depth of the water by simply shifting your gaze when you want to know the depth of the water in a series of fishing actions.

Compactness makes it easier to grip together with the rod.

One of the attractions of the conventional OCEA CONQEST CT series was its compactness. With the NEW OCEA CONQEST CT, the width of the body has been further compacted by 3mm on the perming side. The compactness makes it easier to fit in the palm of the hand and to grip together with the rod. This allows the rod to be held firmly, so it is less likely to shake when being reeled in, and can be gripped with light force to entice the angler. This also makes it easier to control the rod and make small moves.

Improved handle knob shape based on accumulated data

The optimal handle was derived from the vast amount of data collected to date, and the length and shape of the knobs were set for different lures of different numbers.

For models that require constant speed reeling and increased reeling sensitivity, a 70 mm handle with a lightweight CI4 + round knob + 2 mm thicker shaft diameter for easier reeling. For models designed for light jigging, a 75mm handle with a new T-type knob is used. The design is designed for ease of thumb and hand placement to facilitate the application of force.

The fall lever also has a new shape and mechanism, with an indentation on the top of the lever for improved fit and easier operation. When tension is applied using the fall lever, the feel of the handle remains unchanged.

Line release and level wind are interlocked so that lures and tie rubbers fall smoothly and the drag operates smoothly during fights.

The use of a pin prevents the PE line from slipping up. When reeling in new PE line, the troublesome process of preventing upward slippage is eliminated, and the PE line can be securely fastened to the spool, which is very convenient.



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