You can handle your caught fish with just one of these!

Happison x Tsumoto Shiki Collaboration Item “Measuring Multi Scissors”

Mitsuhiro Tsumoto has developed the ultimate method of removing blood called the Tsumoto method. The fish processed by the Tsumoto method can be aged for a long period of time, which has become a topic of conversation, attracting the attention of anglers and fish-related businesses nationwide. In this issue, we introduce a revolutionary item created in collaboration with Mitsuhiro Tsumoto of Tsumoto Method and Happison. Offshore fishing is sure to play an active role, as the fish are big enough to be properly treated and enjoyed for a long time!

Happison x Tsumoto Shiki Collaboration Item “Measuring Multi Scissors”

“Measuring Multi Scissors” will surely be a great success in offshore fishing!

The carefully selected materials and performance make each process comfortable even on board a boat!

Cutting, tightening, removing scales, scraping out internal organs, and various other processes are necessary to make fish tasty. The “Measuring Multi Scissors” introduced here is an item that does it all. In addition to being used as scissors, they can also be easily disassembled and used as a knife. Scale removal is also easy, and it even has a built-in tightening horn. As the name suggests, this is a very convenient item that can be used for multiple purposes, but each function has been thoroughly pursued so that each task can be performed comfortably.
The most frequently used part is the blade, which is used as scissors or a knife. The “Measuring Multi Scissors”. This part of the scissors is made by Doukan Co., Ltd. which has a long history of manufacturing scissors in Miki, a town famous for its hardware. The fluorine-coated finish makes them rust-resistant and extremely sharp. Even fish fins and entrails can be cut smoothly.
On some boats, the captain may do this for you, but in most cases, the angler himself will tighten the fish on board, cut off the gills, and drain the blood. In some cases, this is difficult to do when there are waves. In such cases, “Measuring Multi Scissors,” with its superior performance, can handle the process safely and comfortably.

We want to quickly process the fish we catch and take it home with us. The “Measuring Multi Scissors” makes on-board work comfortable.

Excellent sharpness and durability

Easy to work with, such as cutting the gill membrane.

After cutting the gill membrane, drain the blood thoroughly. (Image 06) After the gill membrane is cut, the fish is bled out thoroughly.

This method is also perfect for processing bluefish, which are popular offshore.

Convenient because it can be easily disassembled. It is also very useful as a knife.

Easy to tighten and remove scales.

One of the essential processes for keeping fish fresh is tightening the fish, and “Measuring Multi Scissors” is equipped with a jime-tsuno, which is used for brains tightening. As mentioned above, depending on the boat, the angler may have to do this work himself, so it is very useful in the field.
The clamping horn has a sharp tip that can be used to puncture hard areas around the head without any problem, and is usually built into the inside of the grip so that it does not get in the way while the angler is working on other tasks.
It is also very easy to use in the task of removing scales. With the blade closed, fish with hard scales can be easily removed by using the black handle side (the side with the normal blade) and fish with soft scales by using the red handle side (the side on the back opposite the blade). The red handle side is particularly effective in preventing scales from scattering, and can be comfortably used depending on the shape, size, and part of the fish.

With the grip’s built-in clamp out and set in place

The sharp tip of the clamping horn makes it easy to tighten regardless of the species of fish.

The back of the scissors is recommended for processing fish with soft scales.

The back of the scissors is also recommended for red sea bream, which tends to scatter scales.

Simple structure and easy maintenance

As mentioned above, “Measuring Multi Scissors” can be used not only as scissors but also as a knife. To disassemble the main unit for use as a knife, simply loosen the screw (blade stopper) at the base of the blade (just above the red handle). The knife can be easily disassembled into parts such as the cutting blade (black grip side), the receiving blade (red grip side), and the spring that is in the recess of the receiving blade.
This simple structure makes it easy to perform maintenance after use. In offshore fishing, the scissors and other parts must be cleaned to remove salt from the water, but it is possible to clean every detail without spending time and effort. After use, disassembled parts should be cleaned with dishwashing detergent and rinsed with fresh water, then thoroughly wiped dry and allowed to dry naturally.
Easy to use and easy to clean, “Measuring Multi Scissors” will be a good partner for offshore fishing.

The scissors can be easily disassembled by simply loosening this screw.

The simple structure makes maintenance easy.

You can even measure the size of the fish you catch.

Another feature of this “Measuring Multi Scissors” is that it has a measuring marker on the grip section, which allows you to easily measure the size of the fish you have caught. By searching for and installing a measurement application from the “App Store” or “Google Play,” you can easily determine the size of a fish with a smartphone, even without a measuring tape.
Offshore, you can often catch big fish, and you will have many opportunities to take pictures with your smartphone. Since you don’t have to take a measuring tape in and out or wash it after use, you should definitely make use of this app.

Let’s install the measurement application at the top of the phone’s screen.

Easy measurement with a cell phone. The photo on the right shows the actual measurement screen.

Because the offshore area offers attractive targets, it is important to take measurements, take pictures, and record them.


Summary: Angler’s Time Editorial Department

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