Spectra®, so it's strong anyway!

It’s finally here! Shockingly high spec! 100m roll PE line in the 1,000 yen range (excluding tax)!

PE line is mainly used in offshore fishing. What kind of yarn is used? What kind of yarn is it made from? Anglers who are familiar with PE lines are naturally particular about the specifications. Incidentally, many anglers are probably aware that Dyneema®, the common PE yarn, has now been replaced by IZANAS® (registered trademark of Toyobo Co., Ltd.). However, the new Hard Bull 8+ released by Shimano in 2024 is a high-specification PE line that uses a different raw thread, Spectra®.

It’s finally here! Shockingly high spec! 100m roll PE line in the 1,000 yen range (excluding tax)!

Spectra® line is
Shimano is the only manufacturer of Spectra® line in Japan.

The Spectra® fiber used in HARDBULL 8+ is a material with proven strength, used in bulletproof vests to protect human lives and in ropes for ships that are subjected to heavy use. That alone should be enough to explain the reliability of Spectra®, but what about its performance as a line? But what about its performance as a line? It contributes to improved abrasion resistance and lower elongation (2/3 the elongation of IZANAS® lines). Incidentally, Spectra® is made by Honeywell in the U.S., and Shimano is the only company that can use it in its lines, so it is a special line. In an underwater durability test conducted by Shimano, the line showed approximately three times higher friction than ordinary PE line until it snapped.

Comparison of abrasion resistance in water between HARDBULL 8+ and ordinary PE line

The MX2 construction method is
also amazing!

The main feature of Spectra® is its thick fibers, making it suitable for the MX2 method, in which a highly crystallized layer is formed on the outermost layer of the fibers and a silicone coating is applied to the outermost layer. This makes the fibers more water repellent and improves yarn handling.

The MX2 construction method also produces an appropriate degree of bounce, thereby reducing the risk of line fluke in crosswinds and preventing guide tangling when casting. When using a bait reel, the PE line floats when the line is released from the spool during casting, and this is one of the factors that prevents backlash.

Comparison of guide tangle resistance between Hard Bull 8+ and common PE line

Comparison of line lift during spool rotation between HARDBULL 8+ and ordinary PE line

What kind of angler do you recommend Hard Bull 8+ for?
Recommended for what kind of anglers?

The abrasion resistance, trouble-free performance, and low elongation achieved by using Spectra® are actually not limited to any angler, and can be recommended to any angler. However, abrasion resistance and trouble-free performance, in particular, have long been regarded as “PE line problems” by anglers. Many anglers have used various PE lines to solve this problem, and have repeatedly discarded those they were not satisfied with. We would like such anglers to use HARDBULL 8+.

Last but not least, the 8-piece line using Spectra®, which is such a high spec yet inexpensive! This is actually the biggest selling point of this product.

As a supplementary note, Shimano has positioned Spectra® as a hard type with thick fibers that are resistant to abrasion, and IZANAS® as a soft type with thin fibers that are smooth in texture, and the lineup is designed to meet the needs of various anglers.

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