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Multifunctional Pliers Full of Gimmicks!

Pliers are a fishing necessity that anglers who mainly enjoy offshore fishing always have on hand. They are basically used to change hooks and lures, remove hooks from fish, and cut line, but Hapyson's "Measuring Multiplier" is equipped with even more functions. Here we will introduce Hapyson's pliers in detail, which are overwhelmingly easy to use even on a rocking boat and can perform a variety of tasks.

Multifunctional Pliers Full of Gimmicks!

Pliers are an offshore necessity. You want to carry a pair of pliers that are easy to use.

Multifunctional Pliers for Comfortable Use on a Boat

Pliers are a must for offshore fishing. The main feature of the Hapyson “Measuring Multiplier,” a plier introduced and recommended this time, is that it has seven functions in a single unit. Unlike ordinary pliers, these pliers have a full range of functions to support a variety of tasks on board.

The seven functions are as follows,
PE line cutter
Split ring opener
Eye tuner
Hook sharpener
Caulking function
Pin-on reel
Measuring marker

What a surprise! A single pair of pliers can fulfill all of these functions. While it would be nice to have each item as a stand-alone item, it is easy to lose track of which one is stored where, so having them all in one place reduces the number of tools you need to carry, and saves you the time and trouble of getting them in and out.
The handle is made of elastomer material in the shape of scissors. The handles are made of an elastomeric material in the shape of scissors, which are easy to grip and fit comfortably in the hand, making each task easier, even on a rocking ship.

Pliers are also indispensable for removing hooks. Be careful when removing hooks from fish with sharp teeth such as Spanish mackerel.

Make good use of these functional items to efficiently take on the main target.

Seven Functions of “Measuring Multiplier

Let us introduce each function of the multi pliers in turn.

(1) PE line cut

PE line cut” can cut PE line quickly and sharply. The gizzard blade is used for excellent sharpness. The blade is long and wide, making it easy to cut. It can also cut thick lines used for large bluefish.


(2) Split Ring Opener

Split Ring Opener” for #1 to #4. This ring size is frequently used for jigging and casting light games, and can be used for a wide range of games from boats.


(3)Eye Tuner

The “Eye Tuner” adjusts the angle of the eye of plugs and other lures. If the eye is distorted by various impacts, the lure will not swim beautifully. In games that require a high speed retrieve or jerking, such as when targeting bluefish, it is important to make sure that the angle of the eye is adjusted properly. The width of the groove where the eye is inserted is 0.9mm and 1.5mm, which can be used for a wide range of lures.


(4) Hook sharpener

The “Hook Sharpener” employs a diamond file. Even in offshore lure games, it is common for the tip of the hook to bend or become blunt in the process of impact when landing on the bottom or removing the lure after taking in a caught fish. It would be nice if you could replace the hook, but there is no time to do so during busy fishing hours. In such a case, you can sharpen it quickly with this hook to improve the hooking rate.


(5) Caulking function

A wire is sometimes used when targeting sharp-toothed fish such as Japanese Spanish mackerel and hairtail,
The end of the wire is caulked (firmly fastened or crimped) using a sleeve. This caulking function is especially useful for those who make their own wire leaders.


(6) Pin-on reel

A “pin-on reel” is provided as standard equipment so that it can be set on a life jacket or bag. It prevents the pin from falling off or getting lost when working on board. It is recommended to attach it to a familiar place so that you can quickly pick it up and work with it.


(7) Measuring marker

Hapyson’s unique “measurement marker” is also employed. When the marker attached to the pin-on reel and the fish are photographed together with the application, the size of the fish can be measured. This is useful when you don’t have a measuring tape, and you can often catch unexpected fish in offshore waters, so install the app and take pictures in advance.

Let’s install the measurement app in advance.

Convenient for easy measurement

You can catch fish that are hard to catch offshore.

Hapyson “Measuring Multiplier” is full of useful functions. With this one tool, you can perform various tasks smoothly, making offshore fishing more comfortable and enjoyable. It is a recommended item.

Summary: Angler’s Time Editorial Department

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