To face large I want to challenge myself with a more perfect preparation

For targeting bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, large amberjack, and marlin Saltiga & Stella, twin power compatible NO LIMITS custom spool

From spring to early summer, the domestic casting tuna game starts. At this point in early May, yellowfin tuna has begun to be caught in Mie Prefecture, off the coast of Minamiizu, and on Mikurashima Island, and in April, a huge bluefin tuna has been caught. And in either fishing, if you have a spool that can wind as much line as possible, a stable drag performance, and a spool that gives you a flying distance, you can challenge with more peace of mind. Such a spool was released from Studio Ocean Mark this spring.

For targeting bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, large amberjack, and marlin Saltiga & Stella, twin power compatible NO LIMITS custom spool

Precisely because of the dream’s large target,
I want to prepare for increased leeway and peace of mind.

It’s spring, and I’m starting to catch yellowfin tuna in the Mie area, off the coast of Minamiizu, Mikurashima, and yellowfin tuna. Expedition ships from Chiba and even Minamiizu have also caught bluefin tuna. Yellowfin has a track record of over 50 kg off Mie and Wakayama, and there is a possibility of over 70 kg. In addition, large-sized yellowfin tuna was also caught in the Kanto area. On the other hand, bluefin tuna caught over 200kg this spring. Unfortunately, as of May 2, 2023, when I am writing this article, the quota for recreational fishing issued by the Fisheries Agency has reached 5 tons, and catching is prohibited. (For domestic bluefin tuna, see here. In this way, in the current tuna game, the size that can be targeted is noticeable. When aiming for such a dream huge size, the first thing to worry about is the line capacity of the reel. Is it possible to wind a PE line that matches the target size on the reel you have now and put in enough line capacity? If you think about endurance battle with large size, you want to put as much run capacity as possible. Also, is the drag performance sufficient? “What about the flight distance when casting?” and so on. The NO LIMITS custom spool of Studio Ocean Mark (hereinafter referred to as SOM) was born to solve such angler’s thoughts.

≪New model released this spring, recommended model≫
“20 Saltiga 18000 & 20000 compatible” “21 Seruteto 18000 compatible” ➡ [NO LIMITS 20ST23000BM]
“19 Stella SW & 20000 & 18000 compatible” ➡ [NO LIMITS 20SW23000BM]
“13 & 19 Stella SW30000 compatible” ➡ [NO LIMITS 13SW30000BM]
“13 & 19 Stella SW, 15 & 21 Twin Power SW 8000-14000 correspondence” ➡ [NO LIMITS 20SW16000HP]

Compatible with Saltiga 18000, 20000, Certate SW18000

Let’s take a look at the details of each model. First of all, models compatible with Saltiga 18000, 20000, and Sertate SW18000 were released. Hiromu Sano conducted tests in various places and completed the model. In 2020, the Saltiga launched with unprecedented stiffness. SOM has poured its know-how into it, and has completed a custom spool that can be safely interacted with large fish, equipped with improved flight distance, increased line capacity, high specific heat design, and the finest grease that does not sag.

First of all, the flight distance has been improved, but the multi-cut spool ring that has been adopted so far has been reviewed, and the flight distance has been increased by 106% (measured on land) compared to the genuine spool. The line capacity has been increased from the genuine PE10 300m to PE12 300m (YGK WX line). In addition, the drag is designed to exhaust the frictional heat generated when the drag is operated by the heat dissipation design of the ring cover and the radiator inside the skirt. In addition, a carbon & stainless steel drag washer that can withstand high loads and high speed rotation is adopted. The drag grease uses pure Teflon grease with safe heat resistance. When catching a large bluefin tuna with PE12, 300m is enough to give you some peace of mind.

YGK WX series line PE12-300, PE10-400, PE8-500
YGK ODDPORT PE12-270, PE10-350, PE9-390
Drag 25kg (The drag value is measured by winding the line to the maximum practical amount)
PRICE: 31,000 yen (excluding tax)



There are three colors available: BB/G Blue Black Gold, BB/D Blue Black Dark Silver, and G/D Gold Dark Silver.

19 Stella SW & 20000 & 18000 compatible

SOM has developed a custom spool so that even Stella SW users can face large bluefin tuna weighing over 200kg, yellowfin tuna weighing over 70kg, GT weighing over 50kg, and kingfish weighing over 30kg. That is NO LIMITS 20SW23000BM. The stock spool is 18000HG with No.8 300m and 20000PG with No.10 300m size setting, but this 23000 model has PE12 No.300m line capacity. The multi-cut spool ring achieves a flight distance of about 105% compared to the genuine product. In bluefin tuna and yellowfin tuna games that use thick threads, there are many times when I think, “I wish I could fly a little longer!” In such a case, this plus 5% affects the fishing result. It is also equipped with exhaust heat control function. It is designed to exhaust the wear heat during drag operation with the heat dissipation design of the ring cover and the effect of the internal radiator. In addition, the drag washer and grease adopt carbon & stainless steel washer and pure Teflon grease like the Saltiga model mentioned above. It can withstand high load and high rotation.

YGK WX series line PE12-300, PE10-400, PE8-500
YGK ODDPORT PE12-270, PE10-350, PE9-390
drag 25kg
PRICE: 31,000 yen (excluding tax)

There are two colors: BD/black dark silver and BG/black gold.

13 & 19 Stella SW30000 compatible

Stella SW13 & 19 number 30000 boasts a safer line capacity for casting large bluefin tuna over 200 kg or standing spinning marlin. This spinning reel, which boasts the largest size in Japan, has a line capacity of PE8 600m, PE10 475m, and PE12 375m, and many anglers have challenged huge sizes using this reel. A custom spool for this large reel is also available at SOM. First of all, SOM aimed to increase the flight distance. Using large lures, thick lines, and strong rods to target large fish naturally reduces the casting distance. Therefore, it is equipped with a multi-cut spool ring made of the strongest aluminum alloy “A7075ST6” material, and is equipped with a flying distance and trouble-free that is greater than the genuine model. In addition, the waterproof performance of the drag system has been improved, and it is equipped with a bearing that eliminates rotational play, a carbon washer, a pure Teflon grease, and a radiator unit, allowing you to interact with large fish with greater peace of mind. Furthermore, the line capacity is also up. PE12 has an amazing line capacity of 450m. In recent years, bluefin tuna has begun to see the possibility of over 200 kg and 300 kg class in Japan. No. 30000 is not something that anyone can handle due to its size, but it is a model that will be a stronger ally for anglers who are seriously aiming for large fish that has never been seen before. Furthermore, you will be able to get closer to the giant fish with a custom spool.

PE12-450, PE10-570, PE8-750
22kg drag
PRICE: 31,000 yen (excluding tax)

Available in three colors: BG/Black Gold, DT/Deep Titanium, and BD/Black Gold Silver!

Compatible with 13 & 19 Stella SW, 15 & 21 Twin Power SW 8000-14000

“NO LIMITS 20SW16000HP” corresponds to 8000 to 14000 of 13 & 19 Stella SW and 15 & 21 Twin Power SW released at the same time as “NO LIMITS 20SW23000BM”. In the 23000 size, it was a model with increased capacity, but this model has the same line capacity as the genuine model, but has the performance of increasing the flight distance by reducing the spool diameter. In luring amberjack, it is an important factor to give a flight distance. When targeting medium-sized yellowfin tuna in nearby waters, the pressure is often high due to the fact that they are attacked day after day. By the way, the exhaust heat performance by drag operation, the drag washer that can withstand high load and high rotation, etc. are the same design as “NO LIMITS 20SW23000BM” for larger fish. In the Genkai Sea, which is a sacred place for amberjack in the west, you can hear good catches every day. On the other hand, Sotobo, which is a sacred place for amberjack in the east, has started a small spring bait pattern. It’s a usual pattern to occasionally hit a good size in that, but it’s not easy because the pressure is high. One of the most important factors is flight distance. Distance is important for Mie, Wakayama, and Sagami Bay yellowfin tuna as well. If you prepare well, you will be able to get closer to the fish.

PE6-300, PE5-350
drag 17kg
PRICE: 26,500 yen (excluding tax)
*20 Saltiga and 21 Sertate models for numbers 8000 to 14000 are also on sale!


The photo is a model compatible with 20 Saltiga 8000-14000.

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