Line with Low Elongation and Outstanding Sensitivity

Berkley Super Fireline 1200m winding is now available in one spool specification!

Berkley's Super Fireline is popular for deep sea fishing due to its low elongation. Until now, 100m-connected models have been selected for use in deep and mid-depth jigging, but now a one-bobbin, 1200m winding model is available, making it easier for anyone to wind 600m or 1200m.

Berkley Super Fireline 1200m winding is now available in one spool specification!

Super Fire Line with Low Elongation

Fireline is popular among anglers targeting mid-depth and deep water. The reason why it is preferred for deep-sea fishing is because it has less stretch compared to regular PE line. Why is there less stretch? The secret lies in the structure of this line.

Currently, PE line is the main type of line used in saltwater fishing, which is made by weaving together multiple Dyneema polyethylene single threads. Dyneema material is a highly sensitive line with little stretch, but it does stretch due to the loosening of the braid. The elongation rate is said to be 6% or 7%. When jigging, the weight of the jig and resistance during the jerk may reduce the amount of looseness in the braid, but the line still stretches. This stretch can lead to a decrease in jig movement and in the ability to catch bites. Super Fire Line, however, has a very low rate of elongation. This is because, after the material is braided, Berkley’s proprietary heat stretching method is used to make the braided lines as straight as possible. By minimizing the looseness of the line due to the weave, the Dyneema material’s inherent low-stretch characteristics are maximized (see illustration (1) below).

Other Characteristics of Super Fire Line

In addition to its low-stretch property, Super Fire Line, thanks to Berkley’s unique heat-stretching process described above, has the advantage that it fits well in water and can deliver a jig to the bottom quickly even in complicated and fast tides such as two-piece tides where the bottom is difficult to catch (Illustration #2). The coating provides strength against root displacement (Illustration 3) and contributes to increased fall speed by reducing friction with the guide (Illustration 4). When used in casting games, it also increases casting distance.

Why Once Bobbin 1200m is a good choice

Now, Super Fireline is coming out this fall as a 1200m one-spool model. When jigging in the mid- and deep-sea, depending on the depth of the water to be fished, we often reel in 600m or sometimes 1200m line, considering line breakage during the fishing trip. In the past, when reeling in 600m or 1200m of line, it was necessary to select a 100m bobbin coupling, but the diameter of the coupling bobbin sometimes made it difficult to fit the reel on the spooling machine. However, the diameter of the connecting bobbin made it difficult for the bobbin to fit into the spooler. This is why the one-bobbin type, which is easier to use, was added to the lineup.

Some people may not need as much as 1,200 meters of line. However, if you purchase the 1200m reel, you will not have to worry about winding the reel spool a little short. You can reel it in all the way to the end. As in the past, Super Fire Line 1200m spool comes in two types: a colored type that changes color every 10m, ideal for jigging, and a single-color green type, ideal for casting games.

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