The Ultimate Low-Pro Model Specifically Designed for Snapper Lobsters

Powerful support for evolving tilefish NEW ENGETSU PREMIUM

The sea bream kingfish fishing game continues to evolve day by day. Tackle continues to change in order to catch sea bream reliably while becoming more delicate. The low-profile bait reel "NEW ENGETSU PREMIUM" will be released in the fall of 2023 to keep up with such a sea bream larva scene.

Powerful support for evolving tilefish NEW ENGETSU PREMIUM

Evolution of various parts for more stress-free fishing

The popular Engetsu Premium, a lightweight low-profile reel with excellent permability, has been remodeled with advanced features and will be released in the fall of 2023. With the current trend toward counter-equipped reels for sea bream mackerel, round high-end reels with good appearance and rigidity are also popular, but on the other hand, many people prefer low-profile reels that are lightweight and have good perming ability. Therefore, this model is being released in a new performance package and in line with the current sea bream rubbers scene. The NEW fall lever in this new model features an innovative original mechanism with a one-way roller bearing that prevents heavy rotation in the reeling direction. Combined with the new shape, which is easy to operate, this new model takes fall sea bream rubbers to a new level. The reeling distance alarm sounds up to three times in multiples of the set distance, allowing the angler to determine the target without looking at the counter, and the viewing angle of the counter, which has improved visibility, has improved information transmission. The rigid body has been made significantly lighter than the previous model by adopting CI4+ for the side plates. It supports stress-free rod work.


In addition to the C14+ updated side plates, the weight has been reviewed down to the smallest detail, resulting in a significant weight reduction. Combined with the low-profile body design, which is easy to grip, the C14+ is light and easy to operate.


The newly equipped NEW fall lever features a revolutionary new mechanism incorporating a one-way roller bearing. Even when the fall lever is tightened, winding does not become heavier, and sensitivity when winding is not compromised.

Newly equipped winding distance alarm. This is a new function that detects the winding distance without having to look at the depth display on the counter. Measurement begins when the angler starts reeling after reaching the bottom. A sound is emitted up to three times in multiples of the set distance, allowing the reeling distance to be determined audibly without looking at the counter.

Other Functions and Lineup

Other features include a structure in which the spool and level wind are interlocked. In addition, the EVA knob has been enlarged and changed to be more comfortable to hold. The new model is available in 150 sizes, PE0.8-400m and PE1-330m, with high gear (gear ratio 7.4) and power gear (gear ratio 5.8), respectively. The weight is 220g, 30g lighter than the previous model. For more information on the new winding distance alarm and other details, specifications, and prices, please check the address below.

As with previous models, the spool and level wind are interlocked. This enables a smooth fall, even with fine lines. The EVA knob has also been enlarged to make it easier to hold.


The lineup includes HG and PG models. By using either PG or HG depending on your preference and the situation, you can get closer to catching fish.

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