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Firm hooking and quick avoidance of trouble!

Hook selection is one of the most important factors to increase the number of fish you can catch when jigging for cutlass-fish. Hook performance must be able to hook the fish firmly and pull it in without coming off. It is important to be able to quickly remove the hook and connect it to the next cast. Shout is such a hook! Fisherman's Tool has a lineup of such hooks. We hope you will consider these hooks when selecting a hook for jigging for cutlass-fish.

Firm hooking and quick avoidance of trouble!


Hooks are special for cutlass-fish jigging!

Hooks for jigging for hairtail are not used for other types of fishing. This is because it is special in a sense. Treble and force hooks are used for hairtail jigging. Nowadays, it is common to use a single assist hook or two single hooks for jigging, but in the case of cutlass-fish jigging, both the tail and front assist hooks are often set with trebles and force hooks in order to increase the percentage of hooking with an instantaneous biting bite. In order to increase the percentage of bites that result in hooking, both the tail and front assist are often set with treble and force hooks.

The thinness and shape of the hook are designed to quickly hook a short bite or a bite during the fall of the jig, and the shape is designed to cope with the bite of vertically swimming fish. Some products have also been designed to handle the bite of a fish. The Shout! s Saber Quad and Saber Quad Assist hooks were also designed with this in mind. These hooks were released a few years ago, before the Corona riots, but at the time of their release, “we couldn’t make a big appeal as a new product” because of the “hard to go fishing” trend in the world, said Makoto Ono, a staff member of Shout! staff member Makoto Ono explained during an interview for a Tokyo Bay cutlass-fish jigging trip. So we decided to introduce it again in Angler’s Time.

We want to quickly hook even a short bite of cutlass-fish on a jig. This is what force hooks are for, and selecting a hook with a thin shaft and a shape that is easily pierced will increase the number of fish you can catch. The photo shows Mr. Ono’s blade-tuned hook.

Hooks that Mr. Ono brought with him when he went fishing. The hooks were easy to catch fish with their excellent piercing ability.

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Cervix Quad on the Tail

Four-hook saber quad designed for tail hooks when jigging for cutlass-fish. The hook’s thin, straight point and barbless hook tip allows the hook to quickly penetrate the fish meat and smoothly penetrate to the hook’s end, even when the fish chases and nibbles at the jig as it is being reeled in. The hook tip penetrates deep into the hook to hold it firmly in place and responds to the bite of a fish swimming vertically up and down, as well as upward. The lineup includes four sizes (S, M, L, and LL) for selection according to the size of the jig. Each item comes in a pack of four.

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saber quad assist for front eye

This is an assist hook specially designed for cutlass-fish using four quad hooks. It is designed for bites near the head of a jig when reeling in, and bites on the fall of a jig falling from the head, and when bites occur, the thin shaft, straight point, and barbless hooking system allows for quick hooking. The part of the assist line between the split ring and the hook consists of metal parts and is covered with a shrink tube (heat-shrinkable tube). The metal part prevents the line from being worn, while the shrink tube prevents it from tangling with the jig or leader. In addition, when jigging for cutlass-fish, it is often necessary to share the boat with many other boaters during the peak of the season in popular areas, and in such cases, it is easy to get into a fight with other boaters. The tube covering prevents the PE line from getting deep into the metal part, allowing it to be quickly untied and preventing damage to the line of the person on the boat.

When jigging for cutlass-fish, it is often the case that the fish start to flutter in and out of the water at the right time. In such cases, the secret to increasing the number of hooked fish is to quickly unhook the hooked fish and make the next cast. In such cases, the saber-quad assist with a tube is effective because the depth of the hook prevents the hook from coming off during the fight, and once the fish is lifted, it can be quickly removed without barbules, and it can also deal with snags.

Like the saber-quad, the lineup includes four sizes (S, M, L, and LL). Each item is sold in packs of two.

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Lineup also includes a luminescent model that doubles as a bite marker

In this interview in Tokyo Bay, Mr. Ono used the Saber Quad and Saber Quad Assist, but the Saber Quad for tails and Saber Quad Assist for fronts are also available in the “Glow Quad 15” and “Glow Quad Assist” lineup, covered with a luminescent tube to serve as a bite marker. The “Glow Quad 15” and “Glow Quad Assist” models are also available. These two models are designed to attract fish with their light-storing bite markers in muddy tide conditions, deep water, nighttime cutlass-fish, and during the morning and evening&morning hours when light levels are low. Both Glow Quad 15 and Glow Quad Assist are covered with a light-storing tube under the hook eye so that fish will respond to the light-storing hook as well as the jig. The Glow Quad Assist is also constructed with a heat-shrinkable tube covering the metal part, similar to the heat-shrinkable tube (red part) of the Saber Quad Assist. This one uses transparent tubing. Glow Quad 15 is available in four sizes (S, M, L, and LL), each containing four tubes, and Glow Quad Assist is also available in the same size lineup, each containing two tubes.

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