Material texture has been changed, and tear strength of the hip area has been increased!

A suit that lives up to its “Rough Water” name! mazume, moisture-permeable, quality rain suit

Like the so-called "fisherman's kappa" rain suits made of PVC, the mazume rain suit is made of PU (polyurethane), which is windproof and waterproof. Although it is common nowadays, mazume was the first brand to use PU material for fishing rain suits. The company has been making PU rain suits for a long time, and the new rough-water rain suit to be released in 2024 is reputed to be better than the previous ones, taking advantage of the company's know-how!

A suit that lives up to its “Rough Water” name! mazume, moisture-permeable, quality rain suit

Increased tear strength from hip to crotch!

Except during the hot season, when you definitely want a rain suit made of breathable material, isn’t this actually all you need? The mazume Rough Water Rain Suit is the one that makes you think, “Why not just have this? It is impermeable, so it can withstand even a pounding wave. In cold weather, it can be layered to provide waterproof protection. You can also use only the salopettes when jigging.

The new model for 2024 has a modified pattern from the paper pattern, and the hip side of the pants is made of a single piece of fabric, which makes the tearing strength from the hip to the crotch area much stronger.

The PU material of the new model has also been upgraded, and while the previous model was “flexible but picked up hooks,” the new model has a flexible but taut surface that is less likely to pick up hooks. This should be a surprise to anglers who have worn previous generations of rough water rain suits. This is definitely a rain suit to buy!

With removable, thigh and hip pads!

What the heck does it even come with these? The thigh pads and hip pads are two of the lesser-known accessories of the rough-water rain suits.

Thigh pads soften the impact on the thighs of offshore fishermen, who often balance their thighs against the boat slips. The hip pads prevent sore hips from sitting on hard seats for long periods of time when traveling by boat. I really appreciate this!

The hood is also removable, so it can easily be taken off if you are worried about the hood flapping under high winds.

The double-layered sode mouth keeps cold wind and rain out.

The sode mouth is double-layered with PU material with velcro on the outside and neoprene on the inside. The neoprene inside fills the gap between the arm and the neoprene, preventing wind and rain from entering. When wearing gloves, the glove sole is placed over the neoprene, and the PU material sodé is placed over the neoprene and secured with Velcro for a perfect ministry.

The mazume rain jacket has a “fishing fit,” meaning that the sodé is attached upward with fishing motions in mind, making it easy to cast and shuck jigs. Unlike outdoor brand jackets, these jackets are designed to make fishing comfortable!

Incidentally, the PU material is not only functional but also easy to maintain, as dirt can be easily washed away by having a hose run water over it while wearing it when washing tackle with tap water after a fishing trip.


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Size specifications (cm)
S: Length 72, Chest circumference 112, Yuki length 83, Wear circumference 104, Hip 110, Thigh 58, Inseam 70
M: Length 74, Chest circumference 116, Sleeve length 85, Around the mouth 110, Hip 114, Thigh 60, Inseam 76
L:Length 76; chest circumference 120; sleeve length 89; waist circumference 114; hips 118; thighs 63; inseam 78
LL: Length 78; Chest circumference 124; Length from sleeve 93; Around waist 118; Hips 122; Thigh 66; Inseam 80
3L: Length 80, Chest 128, Sleeve 96, Around the mouth 122, Hips 126, Thigh 69, Inseam 82

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