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Requested by Kenzaburo Fukui Large popper with complex movements OCEA BOMB THROTTLE 200F Flash Boost

In GT fishing, large poppers are popular lures among anglers who insist on "fishing with this lure! The large popper is a popular lure type for GT fishing, with many anglers insisting that they want to fish with this lure. It has a loud "gobobo" sound and a violent splash. As you continue to reel it in, it will pull bubbles and swim just below the surface. The scene where GTs are inspired by this action and attack the surface of the water is breathtaking. The OCEA BOMB THROTTLE 200F Flash Boost released by Shimano is the most versatile model in the OCEA popper series, allowing anglers to produce the most diverse action. Here is how anglers should use it.

Requested by Kenzaburo Fukui Large popper with complex movements OCEA BOMB THROTTLE 200F Flash Boost

A lure with excellent field checking ability

The development of the OCEA BOMB THROTTLE 200F Flash Boost was largely based on a request from Kenzaburo Fukui, the captain guide of the GT charter boat “Big Dipper” and the man who is said to have caught the most GTs with lures in Japan. And that request was that it be a lure that could be fished quickly and easily to check field conditions.

The OCEA BOMB THROTTLE 200F Flash Boost is designed for popping non-stop jerking. This method is to give the lure movement by shaking the rod tip in small increments while just reeling it in. Instead of letting the popper dive below the surface to pull bubbles, the action is to make the popper shake its head on the surface while biting bubbles. Since there is little resistance received by the angler on retrieve, continuous action for a long period of time is possible.

When I reel it in while manipulating it with the rod, the muscles I use are distributed and I don’t get tired as easily. Popping it makes it even less tiring,” says Fukui.

I would also like to add that this lure excels not only in popping non-stop jerking, but also in popping and long jerking.

The OCEA Offshore Popper lineup, ordered by speed of operation. The BOMB THROTTLE 200F Flash Boost is positioned to be handled at the fastest speed.

The OCEA BOMB THROTTLE 200F Flash Boost is a lure that excels in the ability to quickly check how GTs react to foreign and unknown fields.

The most advanced GT popper available at the moment with the most advanced features imaginable.

The OCEA BOMB THROTTLE 200F Flash Boost is equipped with features that are possible only with high-precision resin lures. These are action, sound, and a bubble chamber that reduces drag resistance and eases the burden on the angler. The Flash Boost is a transparent resin plug that emits a natural glow from the inside of the lure that has never been seen on any other lure. The Jet Boost system is designed not only to increase casting distance, but also to avoid trouble right from casting to action. It can be said that this model is the ideal popper for expert anglers.

The bubble chamber takes in water and air through holes in the cup when diving, and draws fine bubbles into the water to appeal to anglers. Also, by moderately reducing the resistance when pulling, it becomes easier to catch the surface of the sea, which reduces popping mistakes.

The OCEA BOMB THROTTLE 200F is equipped with Flash Boost. This is a mirror plate built into the body that shakes and reflects diffusely due to vibration. During the action, it produces flashing like a small fish. Since it moves even at the slightest vibration, it glitters and appeals even while pausing.

The weight in the red portion of the illustration is equipped with Jet Boost, which moves the weight backward when casting. This not only increases casting distance, but also reduces line snagging in flight and action errors on initial casts.

Improved performance with the use of a single hook!

The recommended hook size for both triple and single hooks to be set is #4/0 (around 10g), but the use of a single hook reduces water resistance, and more effective performance can be expected when performing a popping non-stop jerk.

Fukui also chooses a single hook for overall balance, and often uses one set at the front and one set at the back.

The color lineup is carefully selected. The highlight of the lineup is the A Red Coach color (second from the right), which was produced at Mr. Fukui’s request. This color is the first lure with Flash Boost. The weight is 110g.


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