The first fully real event in four years

Fishing festival limited items now available for purchase! The New Yokohama Fishing Show

This is a fishing show where you can be the first to try out new products, hear about their performance in detail, and talk face-to-face with famous expert anglers. This year's first show was held in Yokohama, and from this year, limited-edition products are now available for purchase, making the show even more enjoyable. Angler's Time has been introducing products, mainly offshore items, first with videos, but we would like to introduce other items here as well in a summary report.

Fishing festival limited items now available for purchase! The New Yokohama Fishing Show

In addition to product displays, the booth also featured a talk show and a hands-on corner to entertain visitors.

The Fishing Festival was held at Pacifico Yokohama from January 19 (Fri.) to 21 (Sun.), 2024. This year’s event attracted much attention as the first real fishing festival in four years, and many visitors were expected to attend. As expected, the venue was filled with energy, with a total of 35,848 visitors over the three days, 148.5% more than the previous year. This year, exhibitors were also able to purchase Fishing Fest limited edition items at their booths, and many visitors lined up before the doors opened to purchase them. In addition, the Friday Gold Ticket was available for purchase, and buyers were allowed to enter the venue from Friday’s preview time (a time when only fishing tackle professionals and media are allowed to enter), allowing them to purchase Fishing Festival limited items early. (Golden Ticket buyers can come to the event for three days and enjoy the event to the fullest).

In the past, bass fishing used to be the main attraction at fishing events, but in recent years, people have begun to pay attention to various types of fishing. Many families and young anglers are also seen at the event, making it an event that can be enjoyed by anglers of all kinds of fishing styles.
Here, Angler’s Time, a website specializing in offshore fishing, would like to briefly introduce some of the products that caught our attention. Some of the products are yet to be released, but we hope you can get a feel of the atmosphere of the Fishing Festival. Also, if you would like to know more details, please check the links to the respective sites.
The listings are in no particular order.


Reel section

Shimano Inc.
Twin Power

Shimano is a comprehensive manufacturer of fishing tackle that has made a name for itself not only in Japan but also overseas. Its most notable product is the fully remodeled Twin Power. The price is less than 60% of the flagship model, Stella, and its performance is almost equal to Stella. The most notable feature is the metal rotor, which is only available on the Stella and Twin Power models from Shimano. This eliminates deflection of the rotor and power loss during hooking. In addition, the gear has been perfected to a higher dimension, so that the initial movement of winding up feels lighter than that of the previous model (when winding up with the same load applied, the new model is by far smoother at the beginning of winding up!) ). Spinning reels are often said to be no longer evolving, but no, that is not true! Everyone can feel that the new Twin Power is the best spinning reel in the world.

A much-awaited model that follows most of the mechanisms installed in the Stella and has achieved a solid evolution!


Shimano Inc.
Osheaga Jigger LD

A jigging-specific model equipped with a lever drag. When targeting tuna, which require long fights, the drag performance prevents heat sagging, allowing anglers to fight with confidence and enjoy the benefits of lever drags, which are easy to visually manipulate. The newly developed Infinity Drive structure significantly reduces the weight of the handle rotation at high drag.

This year, jigging bait reels equipped with lever brakes are the focus of attention. It will increase the catch rate of big fish!

Infinity drive structure reduces resistance when winding up the handle by up to 30% at high drag.


Daiwa (Globe Ride)

Another spinning reel that attracted particular attention at this year’s fishing festival was the Daiwa NEW Celtate, now in its 20th year under the brand name. Like the flagship model Iggisto, it has a simple and graceful design that can be used with affection forever, and its serene appearance shows that it has high potential in its body.
The air drive design of the NEW Seltate provides comfortable handling, and its monocoque body, made of integrally molded aluminum material, allows for powerful reeling without any deflection when reeling up under load. This is a spinning reel for the new era that will not betray anglers’ trust in any situation.

The NEW Seltate allows anglers to experience the lack of deflection provided by the monocoque body.


SLP Works
23-Sortiga Semi-Order System

The 23 Soltiga 4000, 5000, and 6000 will be available for semi-order from SLP Works in February 2024, with delivery scheduled to begin in March of the same year. The first overhaul is free of charge. The first overhaul is also free of charge! (excluding the cost of parts)

The bright blue color looks great in the ocean. You can get your own Soltiga to your own specifications.


Pure Fishing Japan / Pen
Spin Fisher VII, Slammer IV DX, Fierce IV

The Spin Fisher is a famous machine that has left its mark on the history of Japanese offshore fishing. The latest version of the Spin Fisher, the seventh generation of the oldest series of Penn reels, has been released. The full metal body boasts durability, and the sealed aluminum spool and body sealing, IPX5, prevents seawater intrusion. Many offshore anglers of yesteryear will be thrilled by the black and gold-colored reel. Also of note are the Slammer IV DX, a deluxe model equipped with stainless steel gears and a titanium main shaft, and the Fires IV, which offers high cost performance despite its full metal body!

The latest model from Spinfisher, which has led offshore fishing with its overwhelming durability in an era when domestically produced reels were still fragile.

DX model with stainless steel gears and titanium main shafts

A high-cost performance model that brings Penn’s reels made to world-class standards closer to anglers.


Pure Fishing Japan / Abu Garcia

This is a bait reel with a 120 mm long handle and a counter, and as a specialized machine for tie-laba fishing, the reeling speed is displayed on the top of the counter. By watching this display when reeling up, you can retrieve tilefish at a constant speed. The speed can be set in six levels, with 0 being 0 to 20 cm per second, 1 being 20 to 40 cm, 2 being 40 to 60 cm, and so on up to 6. With many anglers saying that reeling in at a constant reeling speed is the ultimate method for tilefish, this function is a strong ally. Available in right- and left-hand models.

This model has a function that makes it easy to reel at a constant speed, which is said to be the most difficult part of tie king mackerel fishing.


Rods section

Spike SK822S-H

The Spike series is used by many offshore anglers as a standard rod for casting games in coastal waters. The most powerful heavy-action model in this series has been added. The rod is designed to handle bluefish in general and tuna in particular, and its regular fast action makes it easy to handle plugs weighing around 120g, with a lower limit of 50-60g. Best for tuna weighing about 40 kg!

This casting rod is suitable for fishing for tuna weighing about 40 kg.


Sakura Lure Division
World Record Catcher, Thunder Soul QX

Sakurai Fishing Gear was founded in 1888, and by the 1940s was already producing lure rods and fly rods. In recent years, the company has introduced models supervised by Eiji Morishita, an expert on cherry salmon fishing in the Kutouryu River, and items used by experts such as Takashi Yoshida, an expert on tenkara fishing. Sakurai Fishing & Fishing Gear has been producing items that are favored by well-known masters such as Eiji Sakurai and Takashi Yoshida, a master angler of tenkara.

The brand’s Thunder Soul QX tie kingfish rod is now available in a spinning model that can also be used for long-distance attacks. The flexibility of glass and the effective placement of 4-axis carbon in a special tie-laba blank keep the fish afloat and promise a fight in which the angler takes the initiative.

This is a model that shows the underlying strength of a brand that has been seriously engaged in rod making.



Zeke is one of the Shonan brands. Taking advantage of its location, which is suitable for research and development of saltwater tackle, Shonan has released a rod with a full solid blank, which is suitable for slow pitch to high pitch jerking in coastal waters. The brand is a leader in both shore and offshore jigs, and it goes without saying that the model is designed to fully demonstrate the characteristics of various types of jigs.

Jigging rods fully released by a team of proven and talented testers


Lures, Wear, Accessories

Air Jerk Scale

The Air Jerk, which is well known for its responsive action with a light jerk, has been given a new lineup of skates in a variety of colors. The Air Jerk is equipped with fish scale holograms that imitate bait scales to make the target use its mouth, which until now has flipped just before taking the jig into its mouth. The colors №1-4 are glow models that emit light from the crevices of the scales, making their presence felt even when light does not reach them. All seven colors are available in five sizes with weights of 100, 120, 150, 200, and 250 g.

The realistic color of this jig is the weapon of choice for jigging, and it has no blind spots!


Evergreen Co.
Sato Jig

The Sato Jig is finally taking shape after a series of hand-crafted prototypes by Mr. Tsunehiro Sato. There are two clear concepts. Good shedding. Fast fall. Therefore, the action of the jig is still unknown. Weights will be 140, 180, 220, 320, and 400 grams. We look forward to the release of Jigging Master’s work, which is said to have pursued only maneuverability.

An exciting jig that expresses the simple concept of the Jigging Master.


Real Fisher Co.
Shrimp Lava

Real Fisher is a brand that runs a recreational fishing boat business in Kubara Port, Imari City, Saga Prefecture, and releases lures that can be easily fished by anyone, based on repeated tests conducted there. The URUME jig is made by actually catching fish in the fishing grounds and refining it. Ajigoslow, a free-running slow jig. The Karasu Raba, which took seven years to develop, is the latest in a long line of lures that are needed in the field. The latest creation is the Ebi Lava. The brand is still unfamiliar in the Kanto region, but its high potential is well known in Kyushu. If you are looking for a way to get out there and use it, do it now!

A lure created on site by a captain who is closer to anglers than anyone else


Meta Squid

Squid are preyed upon by sea bream and bluefish with considerable probability. The form, transparency, and material of this squid are expressed in the Meta Squid, which is made of worm material with realistic paint on the outer surface and lead in the core. It is available in a total of six colors, and the 150 g model that has already been released has been catching fish in many areas, and some anglers are using it as their final weapon. A 200g model is scheduled to be released for the Metaika. This model is sure to be useful at deeper ranges and in areas where the tide is fast.

A remarkable model that does not fit into the framework of existing jigs, but is a realistic lure.


Yamanami Shoten
Taila, Isamu Jig

Yamanami Shoten is a brand that caught our attention with its unique display method at the Fishing Festival booth. Yamanami Shoten handles not only offshore plugs and jigs, but also minnows for mountain streams, and capture gear that allows anglers to take pictures of their catch without touching it. The brand’s concept of “providing genuine products with soul, not those born from theoretical theories” appeals strongly to anglers.

The booth shows that the product lineup was born from the idea of enjoying all types of fishing.

The sophisticated shapes of the products are not only beautiful as fishing tackle but also appealing.

Long jigs with a variety of weights that can be used in all kinds of situations


X Braid
Shinji X9

This PE line was released last year. Instead of the 4-strand or 8-strand twists used in many PE lines up to now, a core material was added to the 8-strand PE line to make it less prone to crushing. This creates a PE line that is close to a perfect circle. In addition, a special coating is applied to the PE line to reduce elongation, increase abrasion resistance, and improve water repellency for better water shedding. PE, which is lighter than nylon or fluorocarbon, is easily affected by wind. The presence of PE, which is less prone to thread dandruff, provides a significant advantage to anglers by further increasing sensitivity.

Appearance of a NEW line that is different from the feeling of using PE line up to now


Max Power PE X9

Unlike PE lines that are just twisted together, this line uses a core material to achieve moderate tension and high durability, making it less prone to yarn crushing. It is also more durable and less water-absorbent than conventional coatings, and has improved water repellency. This is the VARIVAS PE line for the new era, leading anglers to a higher level of performance.

There are also X9 series lines for jigging and egging that change color in 10 different colors.

For squid metal, there are dark green and marking color models.


Yamaho Tegus
Famel PE Markless

When jigging, a line break occurs when the line is suddenly lightened while shaking it. One of the possible causes of this is that pufferfish and Spanish mackerel target and chew through the white areas of the color-coded PE line where there is a large change in contrast or markings. To solve this problem, inconspicuous tonal color rotation has been adopted to reduce hawk cutting.

One can’t help but be impressed by the ingenious use of coloring to prevent hawk cutting.


Rough Water Rain Suit VI

Mazume, the brand that first introduced polyurethane material to lure fishing rainwear, has introduced a model using a new polyurethane material. This material is both flexible and rigid, and has increased tearing strength and reduced weight. It is a completely different material from the previous model, making it difficult for hooks to penetrate.

In addition to the material, the cutting of the pants is also noteworthy. The previous model had a seam in the center of the hip, and this area could tear after years of use, but the new model has eliminated the center seam, which has greatly improved tear strength. The wide variety of colors (blue, red, black, mustard, and army green) is also not to be missed.

There is a colorful lineup of colors to colorfully decorate offshore vessels.

This model is sold as a set of jacket and pants, but the pants have no seam in the center of the hip section!


Studio Ocean Mark
Ocean Grip VIII

The VIII model, the successor to the Newbie series, is scheduled for release this spring. The grip part is the same as that of the #2200 model, which has established a firm position in ripping gear by being able to be activated instantly and firmly grip the fish’s mouth. The design of the body part has been slightly changed from the New Bee.

The trusted Ocean Grip evolves and is reborn as a new model


Daiwa (Globe Ride)
Live Closing Stick, Air Removal Stick

The “Live Closing Stick” can be used for closing fish and crushing ice, and the pick can be stored inside the grip. The pick is made of rust-resistant stainless steel and has a 4-sided cut shape for easy piercing, and can be used in I- or T-shape.
The air release stick can be used to release air from sea bream and root fish. The straw-shaped tip is 80mm long and made of rust-resistant stainless steel. When not in use, the tip can be stored in the grip for safe transportation. Like the Live Closing Stick, it can be used in I-shape and T-shape.


Link for air release stick

Excellent for use in a T-shape that is secure when carried and can be used with strength.

The 80mm long tip ensures air removal from large fish.


Evergreen Co.
Spool Edge Guard

When fishing with PE line, if one of the PE fibers woven into the line is damaged, its strength is dramatically reduced. Therefore, anglers should not neglect checking the line, but there may be a problem with the spool on which the line is wound or the guides on the rod. For example, in the case of guides, the line can be damaged due to cracks in the rings or resin adhering to the rings. In the case of a reel, scratches or dents on the spool edge can damage the PE line when the line is released during casting. The spool edge guard prevents this.
The spool edge guard comes in three sizes: M, L, and LL. It is made of silicon rubber and also serves as a line stopper, which is useful when using a thick leader that does not fit well. Also good for spare spools.

An edge guard that also serves as a line stopper and protects the spool edge, which is really the most important part to take care of.


Bing Bing Hook Ranbu, Musou

Jackal has seriously developed two models, Ranbu and Musou, in-house as hooks exclusively for tilefish. The Ranbu is characterized by its orthodox style, while the Musou is a large sea bream model that excels in the ability to reliably catch fish that have been hooked. Musou, on the other hand, is a super-aggressive hook with outstanding contact performance that pierces everything it touches. It is the type that does not miss a bite even in tough conditions.

Link to Binbin Hook Ranbu

Link to Bing Bing Hook Musou

Ranbu is a model for large sea bream that pursues durability in an orthodox shape.

Musou is a super-aggressive model that has been used to catch fish that could not be caught with conventional hooks.

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